Friday, May 26, 2023

This is Minuteman: Two-Three

 Since my wargaming hobby has taken a back(far back) seat to my simming hobby, I've gone from reading books about the Napoleonic wars etc. To listening to audio books on aerial warfare. I've digested many many books the last two and a half years, lots of WW2 fighter books, some WW1, some modern, some Vietnam, some extremely impressive flying, and bravery. But by far in just pure skill and technique no books have impressed me more than the audio books I've listened to about Vietnam Huey pilots, the insane control and dramatic stuff they've done. It's just pure extreme skill flying. 

So in the end I couldn't resist anymore and needed the Rubicon Huey. really far above my skill level to make. Took a long time, had to take a break to wait for more black to prime them. And I broke part of the rotor as I took it off the spur, I also lost one of the windows. And with the clear glass, painting the inside. Yeah far far more complex, than the tanks I'm also not very good at doing. 

I'm not that happy with the build, but I am quite happy with the paint job, had to buy a new high end airbrush as my cheap one broke after just 2 tank paintings. 

So here it is. 

Going in for landing
Since my infantry is 101st, so my Huey had to be too.
Laying on my belly, in the garden, blending wargaming terrain with the weeds.

And a video of the Huey, still no Vietnam in DCS, we have several more or less correct aircraft for it, and more will come the F4 is around the corner, with A1 Skyraider coming, so is the A7 and F8, and F100

So I made a cold war gone hot scenario, with a large Huey formation putting infantry in the ground for a large assault. 

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