Sunday, June 27, 2021

NVA has more than doubled.

 So last time I did Nam, I did 7 NVA  soldiers. I was missing the machine gunners. So I stopped. I got them a long while ago. But I was busy with other stuff. But now I've taken them out again. 
I did the machine gunner and loader for the 1st squad and 4 from the next squad. Then I finished the last 5 for the second squad. While also building and doing a Sarissa house and making some bamboo terrain pieces. 

So now I have two full NVA squads. I'm gonna do some marines. and then do the platoon command for the NVA and hopefully by that time I have the last NVA figures in the post to finish the last squad and so the platoon. 

I didn't bother with any photoshop background on these, I learned it's a pain in the ass to try and edit the bamboo.
The Sarissa house got some MIG earth tone wash/effects from my Tank painting stuff. I didn't want to lose the details eched into the MDF.

NVA mostly painted with AK US ww2 infantry set and AK US Vietnam set. with some Andrea colours for flesh etc.

The bamboo is the standard type you find on Ebay, painted and washed. the base is styrofoam on a board, painted, inked, and flocked. 

The roof is a dead teddy bear and the fur has been treated with watered-down glue and various inks and colours, roof is the main part I'm not happy with.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Anglo-Hanoverian Brigade.

 So the first brigade is "done" for my SYW project.
A sort of but not quite correct brigade for Minden.

The brigader Major-General Hon. John Waldgrave lead a brigade of 12th, 23rd and 27th foot, as well as two battalions of the Hanoverian Guard, and 9 6pdr guns. It was a big powerful force, Around 4000 men and 9 guns. 

I have the correct number of battalions, even the correct 3:2 British to Hanoverians. But except for the 6pdr and 12th foot, the units are wrong. My M.J. Hon. John Waldgrave leads the 12th foot, a British grenadier battalion, the 87th foot, and the Hanoverian Oberg and Estorff battalions. And a 6pdr gun.

I do plan on doing the historic brigade, but as I do random regiments, it will take some time. And given brigades and forces changed from battle to battle, this is a perfectly ok, what if brigade for none historic battles. I do plan on doing 3 6pdrs to represent the 9 guns, this battery did a lot of damage to both the French cavalry and infantry. 

From right to left, 6pdr gun, 12th foot, grenadier battalion, 87th foot, 

Second line, right to left, Oberg and Estorff

My next target is finishing my Minden allied cavalry brigade, I got part of the 3rd dragoon guards primed. Like the french cavalry brigade, it will be 36 strong. 

Saturday, June 12, 2021

British grenaders.

 So IL2 took up most of my life the last two weeks, first about 12 hours of WW1 flying, and then another 18+ of WW2 flying, Fighting over Holland during Market Garden.

Here I'm taking down a Ju 88, it's like trying to down a Mamukil, I fired all 500 .50cal and 280 20mm. But it did go down at least, I almost got caught napping on the way back.

But the main point of this post is that I'm done with a unit, I did the first 4 months and months ago, And then I started on the remaining 20, but IL2 got in the way, so took a month and a half to finish them. 

The unit consisted of the companies from the 6 regiments at Minden.
12th, 23rd, 37th, 51st, 25th and 20th. 

This brings my Brtish up to 3 battalions and will be brigaded with my two Hanoverian battalions. 
This brings my SYW collection up to 14 battalions. I'm not tantalizingly close to 500, less than 12 away from it. I will probably do the 3rd dragoon guards to complete the 500 goal. 
But it's slow going because of WW2 flight sim and wife will so have 3 weeks of vacation. So I doubt I'll finish the 500th before sometime in late July at the earliest. 

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Computer game Review IL-2 Sturmovik-Flying Circus

 I've been playing a lot of flight sims of late. Microsft flight simulator 2020 is a technical marvel, flying over your own house and seeing it. just flying everywhere. VR has rekindled my love of flight sims. Just sitting there in the cockpit, looking around. Far more immersive than any other setup you can get.

I flew Oslo Trondheim in an F15 in about 20 minutes, flying through the Norwegian valleys.
I then started up DCS again, this is the most complex flight sim you are gonna find outside of actual pilot training sims. Almost all buttons in the cockpit are working and do what it's supposed to do. 15-minute start-up of aircraft. Really too complex for me. I never got the hang of even using the weapons on my F16.  I did slightly better in the P47, but the major problem with DCS is ut runs like a 250-year-old rusty steam engine, especially in VR. This annoyed me and kinda ruined the fun, even though it's a fantastic sim. 

So that leads us to IL-2 Sturmovik-Flying Circus. Flying Circus is a WW1 DLC for the WW2 game IL-2 Sturmovik, not only does Sturmovik fantastic even in VR, I can crank all up to max(except shadows) and it runs silky-smooth even with my 4k VR headset. And I think I will try and crank up the shadows from medium to high next time as this game is very well made when it comes to optimisation. 

Flying Circus Vol. 1 deals mostly with 1918, you have a 10 000km2 map based on the Arras sector. 
You have the typical 1918 planes like Camel and Fokker Dr 1. It's fantastic flying 2km above the french countryside then seeing that big brown belt of no mans land. You see fighting going on down there, tracers and shells going off. The meat of the game besides multiplayer is the Kaiserschlacht campaign, originally started as a community campaign, it's now officially part of the game. The german campaign puts you as a flight leader in a Fokker DR 1. You do basic scouting or you hunt observation balloons to name a few of the missions. 

It's fantastic taking part in these big aerial combats, a dozen German and British planes duking it out 1500 meters above no mans land. Getting behind an enemy and firing your Spandau's into the plane. And seeing the long slow dive as the enemy plane breaks up. 

And in VR you are throwing your head all over the place, seeing if the enemy is behind you or above you, No more having to use buttons to move the view around. Fantastic imersion. 

I'll let the videos do most of the talking. 

The first mission is to take off from an airstrip and land on one closer to the front while doing a patrol. Not much happened here. So just enjoy the flight. 

Mission 2 has everything. My plane gets riddled with bullets, I get riddled with bullets. I shoot down 3 enemies. And an evil balloon. Before my engine dies from damage and I have to glide into a crash landing. 

Mission 3, has lots of action, it took over 50 minutes so I cut down most of the to and from flying. 3 more enemies shoot down, including a poor soul who caught fire. I also killed another one of those evil balloons, even though that wasn't an objective. And I saved one of our balloons. (the HD version of this mission isn't ready yet. Wil lbe a few more hours after posting this)

It's literally been decades since I've had this much fun in a flight sim, and VR is the best gaming technology there is for flight sims. 
I recommend you get flying Circus, and get some VR googles, the best for the buck today is Quest 2, some $299 and another few bucks for a good USB C cable. I use a Logitech X52 HOTAS flight stick, another $130 So much cheaper than buying 3 full computer screens that has been a standard for both car and sim racing for years. 

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Send in the guards

Guilford court house here we go again. 
Attempt nr. 20 or so at doing this battle, this was in fact my second ever project. Never got far, I've tried to do this battle in 6mm, 10mm, 28mm(several times) and 40mm.
I'm giving it a go!
The last time I did AWI was back in 2014 so 7 years now! I have evolved a lot as a painter since then. Though I still find the tight sitting legwear hard to do well. 
I'm sticking mostly with the OOB from British Grenadier scenario book. With the only planned modifications being halving the 71st from 24 to 12, as the scenario book apparently used the strength for both battalions and not just the one present at the battle. I'm also giving the British 2 6pdrs and 1 3pdr, instead of 2 3pdrs. This is based on the OOB in Long, Obstinate and Bloody book, which is a fantastic piece of history writing. 
I'm sticking to the 1:20 scale in the scenario book and default for the rules. It means the British will only be about 130 figures strong. So slightly bigger than a Napoleonic brigade. Or even smaller in some cases. But hopefully, that will means I actually get things done. I ordered most of what I need for the Brtish, only missing the artillery, legion infantry and cavalry, the 71st and generals. But I have miniatures for both guard battalions, 23rd, 33rd, von Bose, hessian jaegers and British light infantry, as well as the flags for all those plus the 71st. I also ordered enough continental plastic to do the two Maryland regiments, again with some flags. So I really have no obstacles to do a lot on this project except myself. and me seeing "squirrel"

I had bought a box of perry British infantry randomly when I ordered something completely different. Which was nice as I could start on the project while waiting for the main order to arrive. First up was the 1st battalion of guards.

Tiny 12 figure battalion.

I'm glueing together figures for the 33rd now. 

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

French Cavarly brigade.

 I had planned on expanding my French units to I'd end up with a brigade of 60, which would be nice and impressive. But I'm not very tidy and have misplaced quite a lot of my Crann tara French cavalry. I'm missing 9 in fact to finish the last two regiments. So the brigade became a humble 36 instead.

Regiments, Mestre de camp Général, Cuirassiers du Roy and Talleyrand. 

It's led by Antoine Chrétien de Nicolaï, who really led a division of infantry at Minden, but so far my French army isn't big enough to require a divisional leader. So until a second French infantry brigade is done, he'll lead my cavalry. 

All these are Minden miniatures with Maverick cloth flags. 

Except for the Antoine Chrétien de Nicolaï figure who is really a Montclam figure from Crann Tara.

Mestre de camp on the right as it's the senior regiment
                                                  Followed by Cuirassier du roy

With Tallyrand at the far end.

Tallyrand being a nice typical french gentlemen regiment with a white coat and red facings. 

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Still working towards 500

 So I'm back on the SYW waggon, working my way towards 500, I'm now at around 452 if I only include actually finished units. If I add the various half-finished I'm at 480. I had planned on finishing all my French cav, creating a nice big brigade of 60 cav. But I've yet again misplaced stuff. So I can only finish 1 more half-finished regiment. So that will be the next I do. I then have to look for other ways to get to the 500 marks, but I have a feeling I'll do a detour or two before I get to 500. I have a new super-secret project going on(or more like super-secret reactivation of a project. ) As well as getting some more Napoleonic stuff done.

Anyway, the latest unit for my SYW project is the very very stylish and handsome Cuirassier du Roy. 

                                               The only French cavalry regiment with both front and backplate and 
                                                having them above the jacket,
    The similaraties with the Napoleinc cuirassiers is obvius. 

As with most French regiments of the SYW, this one only had two squadrons. So this one is done done.