Thursday, May 5, 2022

Well its been a long time.

 But I've finally finished something, 1 full 12-man US rifle Squad.

I'll probably field squads of 9, to simulate casualties, the 1ID had been in Normandy almost 2 months by the time of Cobra, which is the thing I'm aiming at. 

Oh and I also finished a Sherman, my first 1:56 scale tank done with Airbrush.

I'm just gonna photo dump the pictures. next up will be my attempt at Panzer lehr using the Wargames Atlantic panzer lehr, it's questionable if they all used their fancy unique uniforms. But since all other german 28mm miniatures are grotesque bear-men unless I do fallschermjegers or SS. I went with these as they match Perry in style. If I ever do find regular Heer infantry that looks somewhat human I'll add them. 


Codsticker said...

Great stuff GF. The tank turned out great and I love the photography.

Gunfreak said...

Thanks, Codsticker!

Neil Scott said...

Superb work

Gunfreak said...