Saturday, August 1, 2015

Another day, another project.

 So I was stupid enough to look at some pictrues of legio heroica crusader range.
So had to buy and paint some. I honestly don't know if I would ever actualy game it, the few battles I've read about seems kinda boring. Very few set piece battles ect. But I do like the look of them standing here. So I had to paint them.

24 English crusader sergants. as you see both shields and banner is hand painted by my very unsteady hands.

Colorful people, The figures are fantastic, and I do not do them justice, I've looked at some of the work people do with legio heroica, and it's art.  I have tried to imitate their style, but I failed.

So not sure if I want to game this period, but I did like painting it so far. But then again, I don't get to game the periods I do want to game. so in the end, does it really mater?

Thursday, July 9, 2015

You lucky bastards!

 Two blog posts in one week!
Here is a WIP of the 2/4th Marine Artillery Regiment. Half done!

I like these, for their relativly simple uniform, they take quite a while to paint,
 I tried something new on the faces, I usual use Foundry Excepert flesh A,B,C,E,F but not D as I think D and C are so similar.

But I wanted to have more shading, so before I start on the expert flesh I use red brown. I think that give big contrasts.  Helps bring out the face. Make it more 3d. Thanks to Janner for giving me that idea with how he painted the face on the on russians!.

It's a lot of blue, but damn I love this blue, like with the prussians, the blue is to light for real french color. But its so vibrant and so easy to make look good. Again the colors are Foundry union blue A,B and C with extra highlights of coat D arms fester blue, I love the contrasts of dark vibrant blue and the deep red.

Right now I'm working on a prussian howitzer with crew, I tried to use granite gray (simply because I'm bored with Rebel gray) granit gray does not look that good, The shade A is quite a diffrent color from B C, making it look od. Also the end resault is much to like and greenish for it to be prussian gray.

You can see I have used granit gray on the shako covers on some of these marine artillerist. It works on "small " things, were you need massive contrasts, it does not work on bigger stuff(like jackets and trousers) So this gray will probebly only be used on shako covers, blankets ect. Not greatcoats, jackets or trousers.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Still not dead!

So still going, havn't done much, painted some 15mm ACW just to get it out of my system, never seem to get into painting them propper. But I had them, so no cost to me.

I have decided to try and paint the whole of the IV Cavalry Corps in the Army of Silesia at Leipzig. Thats 21 Squadrons of hussars from 4 hussar regiments, and 7 squadrons of dragoons.
I think I'll drop the 9 "squadrons" of Cossacks.

At 6 figures pr squadron thats 168 cav. Shoudl be enough for a while.

I've finished the first step, Two Squadrons of Akhtyrka hussars.

I painted the first squadron wrong, as free sources showed brown shabaurqe, but they had blue by 1813.
So one out of the 6 Akhtyrka hussars squadrons will have wrong horse blankets.

I find the perry figures hard to paint, be they infantry, hussars or regular cav, very subtile folds, nothing I can shade and highlight there... atleast not at my skill level.

 Hussars out in the nice weather.

 They look ok, as good as I can get Perry hussars I think. Hopefully with 126 hussars, any mistakes and bad paint job will be lost in the sea of awesomeness that is hussars.
I have allready started work on White russia hussars, those will be in campaign  dress.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Rumours of my demise have been greatly e.....

What do you mean I'm not important enough for there to be rumours about me!!
It's been  a month and a half since my last post on this blog, I have not died. sinply a mix of not having time to paint, not wanting to paint.

I finnaly started to paint again, and ended up contiuing from my prussian Brandenburg regiment. Last time I did work on these it was January 4th, so many months ago now. Back then it was 1 base of 5, I've now done 3 more bases, including the command base. I still need another formed base of 5, and 2 skirmishes. So 21 down and 7 to go.

I like these, I like the colors I use ect. They look they way I want them to look, sure the jacket should be darker(almost black) but it's still clearly dark blue jackets and grey trousers. I don't know why but Calpe are just easier to paint. Something I noticed when painting some perry russian dragoons.

 It's still the 1st Brandenburg regiment.
 Flag is GMB

 And here are the russians, yeah they look ok, But they simply do not look as good as my prussians.  Granted cav is always harder to paint then infantry. But just not the same..

These are from the same army, the Army of Sileisa. This is the start of Slomensk dragoons, from IV cavalry corps,

Again ok, but kinda meh compeard to the prussians.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Mounted Samurai

 First half of the mounted samurai is done. My mounted units will be  mounted smaurai with foot retainers.

Again for my Masakage division no two are completly the same.

The finished unit will be 13 mounted and 5 foot.
 The unit has a mix of nigata, yari(most have yari) and katana.

 I like the sea of sashimo.

It was very bright out side today, lovely weather. But had to dial the light down alot in photoshop.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

First Sengoku unit done

 Well it's been a while, Me and the Fiance got struck down with cold from hell, hit her the most. I'm mostly weak and got two major migrine days. While she got hit very had, she got it a week before I got it, And now shes on Antiboitics because she started to get pneumonia.

So not alot painting, most days I didn't have the strength, and other days we just had to relax. but I finnaly finished my Yari Ashigaru. 24 nice Ashigaru unit. I also had a birthday and got a nice new mobile from my fiance(mine was half dead) she also gave me some hicking trousers, and my inlaws gave me enough money to get some new shoes.(plus enough for a steak dinner) But I did get alot of money from my parents to, most went to grown up stuff. But did spend enough to get enough figures to finish Yamagata Masakage division,  It will be 3 yari ashigaru, 1 bow ashigaru, small teppo ashigaru, 1 katana samurai, and 1 mounted samurai.

I like this unit, it's colorfull no two figures are exactly the same.
Only thing I don't like is that with 4 bases, the command base is not exactly in the middle!! I like my flags/banners command in the center. With with banner it's ok, I can make it so it's almost in the middle.

 The armors are mostly black and red, with some browns now and then, these are aperantly the most commen colors(with black being the most common of those again)
 Command base is 2 banners, 1 offcier, and cone snail trumpeter.
I'm happy with theise, I'm also happy that this is the 3rd unit I've finished in "a short while) The first was late fall with my medieval spearmen, then the mounted men at arms and now this one.

I also like that all 3 of these were "big" units, both infantry are 24 and the cav was 12.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

More Sengoku

 Did 4 more Samurai, So far the unit looks quite good.  I like the guy in the middle of the second base, The perry samurai do not have "chest plate lace" alot of samurais did have lace covering the whole chest plate, so I simply have to paint the lace on, even if there is no lace texture there.

 I also did a base of ashigaru I choose not to do them as uniform unit, one of my divisions will be more uniform, but most ashigaru will not be uniform. Red and black will be the most commen metal colors. with just the lace beeing diffrent. But I will add some brown armor to.

They have the nagae Yari, which looks so much better on the ashigaru then the shorter yaries.

I started work on two more bases, the command base and another regular one.  The command base has changed a little in how I thought it would be. First I thought of having 2 big sashimonoes, then for got about that, now I'm back at two. I also thought about maknig it pure command. But I feel it looks weird with lots of long spears then a gap with no spears for the command base. So the current planed makeup is 2 big sashimonoes, shell blower, officer and 2 regular spear.

As you see this unit will be part of Yamagata Masakage force.
I gave the officer regular short Yari, I think he would only need to to direct troops and the short yari is more of a "fecing" spear. He problebly has skill to go more close querter of need be.