Friday, February 21, 2020

Italian Wars Men at Arms.

So I've done some more work on my Italian wars project. 
They are Perry 1450-1500 men at arms, that I've Italian-war-uped. The biggest part is the standard-bearer, I stole the idea from Stuart Mulligan and you can see his far better version here.
So I green-stuffed the skirt and hat for him. I also decapitated some damaged foundry gendarmes and used to of the heads. These have a dual purpose. The flag is removable and the unit can be used as men at arms by themself, they can be Italian condottiere or Spanish men at arms. Or I can use some of them in my Ordinance Lace formations. My plan is for the Lance formations to consist of 4 Gendarmes, flanked by 4 men at arms and those again flanked by 4 archers. 

Getting these done was a pain in the ass, I got the flu at the start of the week, and wasn't really in shape to paint much, but I  did manage to finish the last 4(the first 4 I did months ago) Not that happy with a couple of the horses the colour I used was strange, with stuff in it. 

But worse it got when I attempted to do the basing. After doing the first layer of brown on all the bases, I got up, but being rather sick I was in my robe and the robe attached itself to 2 of the bases. One survived the fall, the other base lost both horses and one of the riders lost its head. So I had to glue that on again, and it stopped me from finishing the base yesterday. Today I see that one of the horses I glued yesterday is on crocked, so I had to remove it, and now glue it with superglue. Then as I finish the basing, another base falls to the floor. This time one of the lances fall out. So I have to glue that one on again too. And almost lost the lance in the attempt.  But they're done now. And I've put them in a safe place before they spontaneously combust. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Random officer

I planed on a big 40mm Sharp Practice project. But I found the Perry 40mm range very limited. And I don't like the Sash and Saber 40mm stuff.
I also found I can't really paint 40mm better than I paint 28mm, so I got a little discouraged. 

Anyway, I felt like painting a guy, a British lieutenant from the Royal Welch Fusiliers. 

 I'm happy with the coat, and facings, less with the face, and not happy with the white trousers at all. 
The blued and gild sword also wasn't fantastic.

Also someone requested bigger versions of the Croats from the last blogpost, so I'm throwing them along here at the bottom.

Friday, February 7, 2020


I've done 6 Croats from the Karlstädter-Lykaner Grenzinfanterieregiment. I plan on doing more of these. But I've been in a painting slump, with drills, brushes and figures all conspiring against me. So I needed something so show.  

Reading Horrace St Pauls diary, it's amazing how much these soldiers dominated the early part of the Seven Years' War, The Prussians seemed incapable to counter them. a Few hundred Croats could wreak havoc in the Prussian army. Hundreds of Prussians could be killed, wounded and captured, and in one instance, the Austrians literally didn't lose a man. 

The book also makes it clear the perfect Sharp Practice force. While SP isn't my main thing for SYW, I do plan on doing it on the side, and the diary makes it clear that the standard force the Austrians use when they want to make problems Prussian consists of Croats, Hussars, often Grenadier companies and sometimes regular musketeers. So a SP force would be a couple of skirmishing Croats, and grenadiers for close order infantry, maybe a musketeer unit. And also some hussars. 

 I have enough for 9 more infantry with command and a mounted officer. 

 Formed up, which they did do. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Die Kleine Boom Boom

Trucking away at my SYW Winter Project.

This time I did an Austrian 6pdr with limber.

 I've never done limbers for my artillery, I've always just wanted to get on with it, I mean a limber doesn't add a unit, the so it's just money and time I could spend on more cannon, infantry or cavalry 
 But it does look good with a limber, I don't think I'll use limbers for my Napoleonic project. Given the batteries are like 3-6 cannon and I'll have like 2 or 3 batteries. But for my SYW project and maybe my GNW project it will be easier given less cannon. I plan on adding an ammo wagon.  Having this equipment not only looks good but adds to the footprint of the artillery, which is realistic. 

The Crew, Gun and equipment are all Minden miniatures.
A big kudos to Minden and Jim, for going above and beyond in customer service.

Friday, January 10, 2020

Baron's War Infantry

First proper group done for this project.

A group made up of Spearmen packs 1 and 2.
I really enjoy painting these Sharp Practice groups, I split them in a two days work. Painting 4 and 4 is nice and relaxing, and it lets me concentrate a little more.

 Some have mail, some have gambeson, and a couple have nothing. So for the Medieval supplement, I'll rate them as having gambesons as an average. 
 Quality-wise, I think Levy is most appropriate, given the dominance of the knightly class in this period.

 I really like the spears that come with the packs. 
They are singularly based on a movement tray. 

Monday, January 6, 2020

Let's do the Marshal!

The marshal of course being a very popular dance back in the day, it was the 1210s answer to the Macarena.

Ok, not it's this Marshal. William Marshal, 1st Earl of Pembroke

 I'm sure you've seen this figure quite a lot of late, it's from the new Baron's war range.
I joined the Kickstarter.

I not sure if my project will actually centre on the Baron's war, it would be easiest on account of all the known lords that will be easier to find heraldry for. Or if I want to do a continental affair.

I've decided to base and plan this project for the unofficial Medieval supplement for Sharp Practice 2. The rules are really for later medieval period. So I think I'll have to do some house rules on the unofficial supplement.

 There was no plate armour in the late 12th and early 13th century. But I'll simply treat knightly full body mail as plate and soldiers with just a habuk or coif etc as "mail" under those rules. I think that will work just fine, as not all mail was created equal.

The question is if I have to do anything with the cavalry, given how dominating it was during this period vs later periods. But I have to actually test the supplement before I can do that. Anyway, I'm very happy with The Marshal, Paul Hicks was nice enough to sculpt him with his arm in the way of his chest and some folds in the surcoat, which means my bad freehand dragon is nicely hidden.

His sword scabbard got some nice flowers, which apparently was a thing they did. 

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Last unit of 2019

I did the last half of the last 6 on New Year's Eve.

This is the Joyeuses grenadier battalion, made up of french POWs yet did some of the hardest fighting at Fraustadt.

The figures are Warfare Prussians.

 Except for the mitres, I'm very happy with them. Even just painting a yellow rectangle is beyond my freehand skills.

These are actually a gift from a good friend. I got 10 last Christmas and the rest this Christmas.
I had painted the first 6 a couple of months back. So I only had 12 to paint over Christmas.

Besides the grenadiers, I also got With Talons and Claws the much anticipated GNW/eastern Wars supplement for Beneath the Lilly Banners.  A great book very good inspiration.
The book comes with a simple point system, partly to just balance and partly to help to make the game feel like it should.
If you are playing the western wars, most units will be quite similar. But what makes the GNW so unique is the asymmetrical gameplay. And this point system makes it much easier just to keep track of how effective you force is.

I have been painting on my GNW project since late 2015, I had a plan and kinda just worked towards it.
But now I've gone through all my GNW forces and given the units points, based historic precedence and recommendation/balance in the book.

The results are

Danish 8 points for the infantry. 8 Points for the Cavalry, for a total of 16 points
Saxon 4.5 infantry 10 cavalry, 1 artillery, total 15.5 Points.  
Russian 5.5 infantry, 4 cavalry  0.5 artillery. 10 points.

The Danes have the best average score, as they are basically a well-drilled well supplied western-style army. Their Liv garden til fods are their best unit with 3 points.

The Saxons are in theory the same as the Danes but they had like 6 years of defeat after defeat.
But given the infantry, just fine stats and these grenadiers are drilled elite, same grading I gave the danish grenadiers. The Saxons are let down by the cavalry I've given one regiment raw grading to make the whole of the cavalry more brittle. But most of the cavalry too are drilled.

The Russians have one drilled elite infantry unit, this is Ingermanlandski which was kinda halfway a guard unit, they have a regular drilled battalion too and two raw infantry.
The cavalry are grenadiers, so is one of the better cavalry units the Russians can have.

Then came the swedes, Now I don't feel I've over rated them, The Swedish infantry even have a raw battalion, so in fact 1/5 of the Swedish force is raw, The Danes doesn't have any Raw units at all.
The Västerbotten battalion is rated veteran, elite, and with the bonuses for Swedish etc. It's 3.5 points. It will be very powerful.

Even so, the Swedish infantry is only 11.5 points. not that much more than the Danes and the Swedes have a battalion more than the Danes.

But then comes the cavalry, I might have gone overboard. A total of 30.5 points. 
Not only have I more Swedish cavalry than all the enemy cavalry combined, but I have 2 squadrons of liv garden til hest, and 1 squadron of liv dragoons(almost finished and I added them to the list) These are very powerful units. But I also have like 54 more regular Swedish cavalry, all quite good.
 So The Swedish are actually half a point stronger than all 3 others combined, now this is a good thing, as I always planned on having 3 vs 1. But my Swedish cavalry alone is almost twice as strong as the Danish or Saxon armies and is over 3 times as strong as the Russian army.

So yeah powerful Swedes.

I hope to do more than 2 units this year. I have like 4 or 5 unpainted Russian battalions. A Russian gun somewhere. I have a half-painted Danish battalion. I have 12 Danish cavalry somewhere to paint. and 6 Saxon Dragoons. I've now primed the first 3 of 12 Russian dragoons.

But I'm itching to do some 30YW stuff again, and my Barons' War figures are at the post office begging to be picked up and painted.