Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Tiny rebs.

Yet again, I'll try and do an ACW project. I'm giving 10mm another try. Apparently, I did do like 150 10mm ACW many years ago. And had forgotten I'd done so many of them.  I have no idea if I still have them someplace...

First unit up is made up of what I could find of the leftovers from that project. I did manage to scrape exactly 24 together. I also found like 8 union troops that looks to be Iron brigade types. This is the 2nd Tennesee from Cleburne's Brigade at Shiloh, it went into battle with only 365 men.
I haven't settled on a ruleset yet. But I'm leaning towards Picket's charge. I'm familiar with General d'armee which is more or less the same rules but for Napoleoincs. 

 It does look like the 2nd Tennesee used the Hardee battle-flag.  So I gave them that.

Not ideal pictures, I had to up the contrast something awful as it was too dark to take proper pictures. 

Saturday, May 23, 2020

TV killed the radioman.

More work done on the Vietnam project. I'm a little under half done with the Marine platoon.
I'm missing 1 grunt to complete the first section, But I have now Section leader, quite a few grunts, 2 M60s, 2 M60 helpers, a blooper and Platoon commander with radioman.

The platoon commander is calling to HQ asking for better rations. The men are threatening mutiny.

First of 3 bloopers done.
 Ammo support gunner for M60.

I now mostly have regular grunts left for the platoon, in fact, except for the bloopers and a corpsman all the remaining guys in the platoon are just grunts.

Slightly less than half the platoon. 

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Le Moyen Boom Boom

 A Victrix 8pdr cannon. This is what I had left of the crew from an old project, I still have a cannon but no crew for it. I felt the apple green was to light, even though I used the foundry triad. But a wash of agrax earthshade fixes that(seriously is there anything that wash can't fix?)

After a break of over a month from March to April, I've now managed to throw out a few blog post the last month, so I'm happy about that.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Connaught Rangers

I started my Penisular project basically as an excuse to do Le Marchant brigade at Salamanca. 1000 strong brigade of heavy dragoons. But the perries have been slow and slower with those. But they are finally getting closer to completion, but the damn virus is slowing things down. But I thought I'd continue to work on my project. My first aim is very low, I have a tendency to aim way too high.
So my first aim is to do the first brigade, with the 88th, 71st and 45th foot and 3 companies of the 5/60th. And a division of horse guns with limbers.

I'm sure that by the time I've gotten that far, Perry has released the dragoons.

The 88th foot, was done with Perry plastic and Maverick models flags. A very strange unit this became. I started on it like a year ago, did 2 bases and lost interest, I then did a couple of coats of the jacket and facings on another base several months ago and again lost interest. So this unit has 3 different paint styles. the two older bases use reaper miniature white for the white and a mix of coat d'arms and citadel reds. a 3rd base uses the same mix for the red but now uses andrea white for the white. And two last bases use andrea for both the white and red...
 I personally like the two last bases the best, the command base looks very good and so does the base with the light company on it. 

 And still bad photoshop work for the background. 

Friday, May 1, 2020

Small horse boom boom.

A 6pdr Horse artillery base. I hope to do an entire battery in the future. But I plan on doing two and two. And add limbers, as it looked so good on my Austrian cannon. The Perry limber team is a huge 6 horse thing. 

I'm happy with these except the blue coat is a downer. The trousers are great the belts, the braid. But I don't like the blue I did there. 

 A good view of the nasty 1796 Light cavalry. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2020


So a squadron of Swedish Life dragoons, I plan on doing 12 of these, but those were the figures available now.
I've done very little GNW the last 16 months. I've come to realise I have way too many of them for the size table I'll ever get to use. At minimum I need a 5x9 table. And that's if I don't add anything more. And I'll probably never get more than a 4x6 table. Maybe if I'm lucky I get a 5x6 or something.
So It seems kinda pointless to add any more. Also after reading the Talon and Claws supplement, I realised my Swedish are like way to powerful. So adding more to them is even more pointless. But I had started this one many months ago. And though I'd at least finish it. 

 The life dragoons are very plain in their uniform, all blue, only none blue is on the horse and hatband.
In Beneath the Lilly banners, I've given these Veteran, Elite, blade Swedish. For 3.5 points.
The same as I would give lifeguard horse, This was Carl Gustav Rehnskiöld's unit, he made it. He was the colonel. So these were superbly good troops.
Something is wrong with the printer, it claims it's only toner thing. But the pictures get really weird. So Instead of just printing a background I now have to digitally impose and photoshop stuff.
It's a pain in the ass, and it never looks as clean and nice as just using a background.
It will probably take some time before the next GNW unit for the reasons given above. Maybe I'll finish a Russian guard unit, just so it doesn't lay there half done. 

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Just some better photoes.

Just some better photos of the marines.