Saturday, September 20, 2014

Gallic Riders

 Well doing a carthaganian army is not really doing much carthaganians. Infact at Cannae Hannibal he did not have any carthaganian cav, it was all, Numidian, Spanish and Celtic/gallic.
And like 60-70% of his infantry was celtic and spanish. So I just have to start on his allies.
First up is 6 gallic cav.  This is first of 4 bases. So this will be a large unit in Hail Caesar. My cav is 6 small 12 standard and 24 large. I have decided to mix the "noble and regular cav, I find it unrealistic for them to be "separate game units"  I will class them as heavy cav, even if about half will not have armor by the end. I plan on two callic and 2 spanish units for this division. Then the second division will be only numidians(like at Cannae) not sure how that will with in hail ceaser tho. I also got my victrix romans, I think I'll be able to make 2 units of hastati from it.

My proudest moment in life, I managed plaid trousers! that I keep seeing people paint celts with. yet when I search for celtic plaid I only get kits and Scottish drap, not other celtic peoples plaid clothing.

Unit is a mix of armord with sword and unarmord with spear. I'll add a command more unarmord with spears and some armord with spears.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Cartago Part 2

 So finished another 10 from last post. These are better. more detail on the mail. Did the command to, one trumpter and two officers. one in black and one in brown leather. The trumpter is in white and purple linothorax. Purple is the "theme" of the unit. Some of the shield do not have a motive on them, instead they got DREID BLOOD! oooohohhoh!
 Black leather dude.
 Brown leather dude
 The unit is half done. 15 of 30. I know I have more figures some were, I saw them just a few weeks ago, but now I can't find them.

I like these, they  look good, the mail looks much better with just a thin layer of primer ontop and light brushes of metal.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

John "Hannibal" Smith

Well ingnore the John Smith part, And keep the Hannibal part. Last time I pained theise figures was the 6th of December 2011 When I first got into Ancients. I  rnever did much  more of carthageninans, as aventine never exapanded their range, instead going to Pyrrhus instead. With Victrix new range of romans and soon punic forces. it thought it was time to restart theise. I actualy thought my early ancients look pretty good but I find these are much better. The two things pulling them down is the mail and shields. theise figures has been primed those almost 3 years ago. so some of the primer had gone of, instead of re priming them, I decided to just put som  black paint on the bare metal parts, but it was to much paint and the detail on the armor was gone, making it hard to get to look good. the shields still clearly looks like they got watermarks on them, and not that they are painted.

Except for those. I like them, the broze is much better. so is the flesh and wood.
The tunics are a mix of white. natural lien and dark tan green(realy just od with highligts) The common theme is purple border on the tunic both on the ned and on the armes. I did this because they are supose to be veterans, with stolen roman shelds and armor. So even if you buy the theory that ancients tried to use uniform tunics for units or armies. All we know of all long  military campaigns, is that after a while uniformity goes out the can.
 One guy has a plane white shield.
 The hair on the helmets are a mix of, red, blue and green.
The broze to make propper shades, I have left some part black. this is most notisable on the graves.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Hello Old friend!

 Last time I posted Napoleonics was in mid march! So quite a few months ago.
Now I'm semi back, and this time it's the 88th, They are from the new FrontRank Reenforcements packs.
Truely amazing figures, I decided to paint just 4 figures, this would be 80 soldiers in the standard 1:20 scale, a good british company, that could often fall down to 60 or even less soldiers.
I also painted them quite diffrenly, I normaly semi block paint, finish the main uniform, then do the details.
This time I finished the top uniform totalt first,so jacket, lace, facings, straps ect. then the face, all 6 layers, and hat then the musket, and finnaly the trousers. I did this just to spice things up, I started to get bored with the 5 layers of trousers and 4 layers of jacket, and then all the small detail, this time I did some big clothing, then some small details, and then back to big clothing.

I also used 3 layers on the shako, I normaly only use one or mabye 2, but this time I went all out, not sure tho, it might look to grey? But mabye it just makes them look more sun bleached?

 This is the genadier company.
 In reality I would have to make 10 companies, but that would be 40 figures. But I think I'll settle for left.
Also to make the unit look more like a 2 rank file I put them very close together to make it as thin as possible, compeard to say the French,
I rearly post pictures of the back, as I do my worst job there(lets admit it, I put in less effort) But I like how the back turned out on theise, it also show the shako highlights better.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

More AOR2 SEALs and gun

So another two figures this time back in PC but with out the fancy NVGs and silencers.

Not much to say, still not 100% happy with the AOR1 and 2 cammo.
But I am happy with the cammo paint on the guns.

And this is my airsoft gun as it looks now, she got a paint job, a SMR rail, EoTECH, PEQ15, grip. Still needs to add a few more things to it. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Greenside SEALs

 WOW, 3 posts in 2 days, I'm back baby!
Last post was fast attack SEALs, in plate carriers and helmets, for urban fast missions, these are more long range Greenside, the figures are Force recon marines from Eureka, but I painted them as SEALs in the same AOR2 uniform as the first figs.
The rigs and backpacks are in Olive Drab.

 I used diffrent colors on the guns, some have lighters shades more green, others are more tan.

 This guy stands out, he has AOR2 trousers but AOR1 jacket. I got the idea from watching Lone survivor were some of the SEALs had a mix of dersert and woodland cammo.
 The pack also comes with another fig, but he is in marine cap, and so does not fit in.

Really out of practiced

 Not having painted much for month and a half is not good.
Here are some SEALs in the AOR2(my attempt at AOR2) the AOR2 is alot like MARPATm but with out the brown spots ect. These are the SEAL TEAM 6 figs, with fancy panorama NVGs. Based on the SEALs that killed Bin Ladin. I'm not satesfied with the uniform,
 The figures apear to be useing Crye uniforms, which are the ones SEALs use, the uniform comes in two styles AOR2 as seen here, the "woodland" version, and the AOR1, the desert version, and the one the real SEALs used on that mission.