Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Vikings Part Deux!

 So did another two bases, and it's starting to look like an unit, but still two more bases to be done.
I did one of the 3rd and 4th rank bases, made to be on the flank, so gave it a few archers. Also did the center command base. With a big chief in red beard and hair, he looks important because, he got both mail, and lamellar armor, and he got purple tunic(purple is "big boss collor" for all my viking in any scale. Next to him is his son, another bad as motherfucker, with a splinterd shield.  It's still too narrow for a shield wall, looks more like a shield block. So two more bases.

Also I forgot to mention last post, that they are not in a real shield wall, they are not close enough, I did this for two reasons. 1 I had theise bases, and didn't want to by others. and it lets you see more of the figures, not just spear points and shields.
 This picture is cropped as some very rude sweeds tried to photo bomb it.
 All hail, the Chief or Jarl or what ever he is, I guess gingers were not as prosecuted back then.

 Here you can see the archers on the back row.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Going Viking

 Tiny Vikings, well not super tiny, just tiny, 15mm peter pig vikings.

I want to do medievals, and this is as close I get, all other medievals are kinda not my thing.
Each base has 8 figures, each unit will be 6 bases, so 48 figures in four ranks. I've decided to follow the standard "style" less armord in the two last ranks, more armord in the first. So the back rank will be mostly axemen, and spearmen, with a few archers sprinkeld in on the flanks, while the front, will be armord dane axes, swords and spears. I decided to do theise simpler, for sevral reasons, while the unarmord do have lots of clothing to shade and highlight, the ones in armor don't so instead of 3-4 layers(like my marines got) they have a simple two layer style. I think it work with these type of figures. the mail is dry brushed on. Also instead of 3-4 colors of skin, they only get 1, and thats because the faces are coverd with helmets and beards, so not much skin to work with at all. the leather shoes and bindings do get two shades, like leather scabard ect.

I like the look, I would not do it on bigger figers, or other style figures, my marines will still get their 3-4 layers. but for theise, were the shild take up lots of room ect. I think it works. I did the metal in a single color, also to keep with the style of simplisity. I did them colorfull, lots of bright blue, red and green, some natural wool, and the shields, got greens, blacks, yellows, reds and blues. Beards and hair are blond, brown or red(ginger)
 I also got my girlfriend to "fix" my camera, higher aperture so less out of focus vikings and figures

 This is who they shold look, the ligher armourd figures behind, heavies forward. I got enough figures for 3 more units, after this one is done.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Mini Marines 2

 More small marines! This base is "advancing! Again trying to make "peleliu"  bases with coral upcrops ect.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Mini Marines

 So I wanted to paint some 15mm again, but needed an excuse, so since I base my 28mm for skirmish gaming, I thought 15mm would be great for blitzkreig commander. These are peter pig, great figures, tho not a fan of the faces. So first mission is to build a platoon, Thats 3 squads and HQ squad.

Given the standard rule of the smaller figures lighter color, I use the same colors for the 28mm, but dropping the darkest shade of brown violet, instead the shade is not russian uniform, with mid color beeing green grey, and the stone grey beeing the lightest. So less of the dark and more of the stone grey(that I use just a tiny bit of on the 28mm) Also the rifles get two shades of wood, instead of 3, the metal is gunmetal color instead of black, to make the barrles more visible.

The faces get 3 colors instead of 5, other then that it's the same, boots get 2 colors, as in the 28mm, same with webbing ect.
 I like these, they look alot like the 28mm only smaller.
 I decided to do rather big bases, showing them abit spread out. I did the bases kinda like pelulu, lots of stone/coral, with some rocks and very little vegetation.

 I'll try and do a theme on each base, here they are all fireing/giving cover in the next they will be moving.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Pacific

 So did some more painting, five more plastic marines, and a 3 man M1917A1.

I did a few changes from the first 3, mostly the helmet cover got some diffrent colors I think look more like the real thing. I'm still slightly in love with the marine color I use now. And I really like the 2nd louie I did.

BAR Gunner,
 This is the second louie I was talking about
 One of the reasons I like him is that the carbine turned out so great. I think one of the biggest advantages of plastic WW2, is that the guns look, well like guns, in metal the guns are either so mangeld you kinda can see what type of gun it is, or it's so big an chunky, they look almost like space marine guns. But the plastic guns, are not only great looking but also more or less the right proportions.

 I also really like the "pointer" man, I think he has great highlights.

Ah but I got more for you today, I also cracked open the box of japanese.

I found a nice triad for them, Tan brown, vallejo japanese uniform and coat d arms japanese unifom.

I like the unifom, it's not super colofull, but the redleather against the brown yellow uniform, really does stand out.

These were fun to paint, but I felt they could have dropped that one pose were the figure is running so fast it and with his body so far forward it looks like he is tripping over a stone. Also the figure head with the "cliche" round glasses was also unessesary.

Thursday, March 27, 2014


As regular readers of this blog will know, I've tried to get the Marine unifom color right. And finnaly I have done it. I orderd a box of plastic marines and plastic japanese, And also the color set for both from warlord. And I got the marine color, that od, almost od, yet not od thing.

The plastic figures are great, a billion times better then the warlord metal marines, that has lots of flash od pointed corner ect. These are much better, but they still have these very over the top faces.
But I did find too few cartridge belts, given most troops should use the garand or springfield, there should be more of the cartridge belts. Even with just 3 out of 5 figures here, the spur did run out of them. if I wanted to do all 5 or 6 with rifles, I would be missing alot of them. We do get a few bandoleres, and it was common for some soliders/marines to drop the belt and just load up with the bandoleres.
Also no desingnated carbine pouches.

Oh and my pet pewe the carbines have the bayonet lug, that was only used at the very very end at the war, MABYE a few marines did get it the last weeks at Okinawa, but more likely only by the time of ocupation in europe or Japan, did they show up in any number.

But this is commen, older movies like A bridge too far also had that damn bayonet lug, more updated movies like saving private ryan, band of brothers and pacific did have the propper ones.

But I'm happy with these, and very happy having found the right colors.
 Rilfe stocks came in varied colors, I did theise in bright redish wood, you also had mid wood and dark oak colors. The thompson got the dark oak color on the wood.  I also did the bases with black sand from Iwo Jima.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

More ECW

 So I did 4 more figures, some command and 2 "more armored" pikemen. This base will be 12 figures, and then 16 musketeers on the wings, so 28 total. I decided to give the command purple sashes and trims, becasue why not.

I like the look of these, but still the faces are hard to do.

Oh and I have changed the comment thing, so you should no longer have to use the Enigma to post a comment, instead I'll have to authorise all comments, but it should make you less anoyed. So give it a try So I can see if I have done it right. And you no longer get that code thingy.