Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Looking back and looking forwards

So this is the obligatory what I did and what I plan on doing.

In my personal life,  I got my first car(cargo van)  still don't have a license to drive. I  got married and I lost my grandmother. She died just a few weeks after the wedding,  Looks like she held on until I  got married.  It was not a sad death, She was 96 years old and she died in her home of 60 years. She had a massive heart attack a couple of years back,  at her age she could not get any surgery. But she lived another two years,  eating what she wanted and drinking her delay cream.  She died in her home happy with her gossip magazines and tv. I near had any other nanny than her, she lived 5 minutes from where I grew up. So not a sad death, a natural death after a long good life. But it's strange not having her around and missing her.

The Wedding was perfect,  we were told by a fellow student of Anita that June 4th was going
to have wonderful weather,  as her husband's birthday is on June 4th and he always had nice weather on his birthday. And she was right. It was probably one of just 4 good summer days this summer.

Wedding on the terrace of the inlaws summer home.
Anitas best friend is her maid of honour  and my dad is my best man.

The day  was perfect with good food and good people, After the wedding dad in law drove us with  his  boat to a resort  where we stayed in  the honeymoon suite 

So we also had a new litter, Freke and Naisha went on  a date. And we got a litter, We kept one we named Huldra.


Hobby  wise, I    have been quite productive. I managed   to paint some 230 figurs for my GNW/WSS project, I still have quite a  few unpainted  laying around, but loost steam. I have also painted some 105 SYW figures, again  a  few laying  around waiting to be painted. Add some Russian and Prussian Napoleionics and a few 30YW I'm not far from painting  450  figures this year.

After an intensive first 8  months the steam started to go empty. The last few months I've painted sevral things not having finished  them, I have painted  12 French Legere, that was supposed to become a 30 figure unit,  I painted 6  troopers and 9 horses for some Chasseur a Chaval,  also not finished.

So I don't have much to show, But I have this.

Had some random  British light infantry I painted up and ordered a movement base from warbases.

I did however, have a late year project. The theme of this year's Christmas gifts was homemade.
Antia made some wonderful embroidery with the names of our nephew on and we put them in some frames. It took a long time to make, She also embroidered some Christmas oven mitts for her and mine parents.

So  I decided to make Anita's gift too.

And  Here it  is:

I made a little diorama of Anita and all of our ten dogs. The miniatures are Copplestone, with some wood glue and white flock, some random ebay  trees, A picture found online and glued  to a background. I tried to paint the dogs as the look, with their markings.  Some of our dogs are quite similar, painting it so that Denali, Beriniga and Fjellbris  look different is quite hard, Beringia at least got white spot on her neck. Some of the models got a slightly curly tail,  So I  gave those tails to our dogs I know got a little curl on them. Orca while black has that curly tail and his shoulder is very  white, so it's easy differentiate him from the other black dogs, luckily our dogs are color coded. So I simply gave  their harness  their color. From bak to front. Orca and Stjerne, Gaia and Såga, Huldra and Naisha,  Freke and  Denali and finaly  up  front Fjellbris and  Berninga.

So that's what I've done 2016, now looking forward.

I  do plan on continuing my WSS/GNW project, as well  as my  SYW.
While I'm  tempted  to do more Napoleoincs  I think   I'll only have the attention span to do  a few figures at a  time. I also want to   try yet again to do ACW,  but we'll  see.

I'm also concidering doing more Ancients and Italian wars.

But first up is a new project(new year new project)

This will be early 100 years war. This is something I've wanted to do  for some time. Mostly because of  the figures from Claymore. The style is just so  cool, a mix of leather, gambison, mail and plate. I do find the full plate kinda boring...

Now there are sevral complications. First Claymore so  far only have only have a  few packs.
They have french foot knights, crowbowmen and pavisers. Naturaly not enough  to do a proper force. So  I much go hunting. I have orderd some Front  Rank mounted MAA,  they seem  to  be about the same period. I also orderd some  Kingmaker knights. Now the kingmakers are probably a little to late for the first 20  years of the war. so my  early 100 year war project will be slightly generic stretching  from 1337  to about  1390. So some units will be post 1360(like kingmaker)  While FR and Claymore will be more very  early part. But I'm mostly staying away  from  the later Perry ranges ect.

Another problem is the style. Claymore is very animated  and very detailed. Not that many  other figures mix well.  Black tree desgins make figures that look quite good and they are for the right period of the war, but they look stiffer, less  natural  in poses. And from  the picutres they look slighter in style.

My first unit  will  be a big unit  of knights and infantry. I'll  have 2 ranks of knights in front so 24 knights and to ranks of infantry. So a big unit of 48 figures. So I'll repurpose the pavisers, by giving  them none paviser shields and giving them a few other weapons then spears, they'll become infantry.

So  that is the plan.

I hope to  have something more intresting to show soon.

Belated Marry Christmas and a  Happy New Year.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Preview/Review: Ultimate General: Civil War

What a fun game!

This is the second  game in what is now a series, called Ulitmate General.
The first game dealt  only with Gettysburg, it had a series of battles that got affected  by how you did,  like if the union held on the first day,  the battle would be different  from how  history recorded the second  day  of Gettysburg.  

The game  was fun, nice to look it, and the selling point was the ease  of control and the AI

Now this second game, will let you play the entire civil  war! (when it's done, as it's in early  access, and the game ends after  Antietam)

You start with creating  your general, through a sort of "light RPG" character creating screen,  You create a general, You choose  which studies you had at West Point  and so get various  points.

Here we meet the first problem, the nr 1 skill  you  have to put points  in is; Army Organisation. This skill is needed to get; more brigades, bigger brigades,  and more corps. You just have to dump  your skill points as much as possible into it. This kinda defeats the purpose of having a choice in  your character creation. The second skill you need  to dump stuff  into is reconnaissance, so you'll be able  to see at least some info on enemy strength. The other skills seem much less important  and you simply fill up some of them  after getting as high as possible in Army Organisation.

The first screen in General creation process.

You then do small battle, where  you have  to  take  a town with  a few thousand men at your disposal. Then hold the town against a counter attack. After this you'll start to build  your army!
After you win the battle  you  get a new skill point(which  goes straight into  army  organization.
And you get; money, manpower, and reputation. Money  is spent on creating  brigades and buying  weapons, manpower is how many recruits  you   have available. And reputation is a sort of political  currency. It  can buy used to "buy" more men, weapons or  generals. But it's also your life-line, if you loose to much reputation you will be fired! 

To start your army  you'll have whatever is left after the first battle. You'll need  to add brigades and divisions as soon as possible. It's relatively cheap to make a new brigade, as  long as  you have enough weapons  in your armory.  However adding veteran reinforcements to brigades you  already have is extremely expensive.  When I neared the battle of Antietam, it cost me some 50 000 to  add 500 veteran reinforcements to my best brigades.  Because  you do get best brigades. Not only can you  buy better weapons to them, But they level up, a  Level 3(the max) Brigade is  a monster compared to  a level 0 brigade. If you got a level 3 brigade with 2500 men(the biggest you can  get a brigade) You can count on them standing under extreme pressure. 

But as I said it's extremely expensive to reinforce them(you can reinforce them with rookies, but then the quality  of the brigade goes down) 

You  move your brigades by simply dragging the mouse from the unit to where  you  want to  go.

You have 4 types of "brigades" Brigades in  this game is a sort of generic term. First and most important is the infantry brigade  which is a proper brigade. They can  be up to 2500 men strong. 
You also have Cavalry brigade, which  can be up  to 750 strong. You have artillery brigade that can be from  a small battery in size(4 guns)  to 24  guns.  And finally you have skirmishers, that ca be up to  500 men.

Each brigade is added  to a division, in the start  you can  only have 3-4  brigades pr. division, but when you have upgraded your army organization   you can  have 6 brigades per. division and  4 divisions per corps.

For  my first proper game, I mostly had 4-5 infantry per division and a battery. Some of my divisions  had cavalry and some had Skirmishers. But at Antietam where I had 65 brigades, I  only had 3 cavalry units, 3 skirmish units, The rest was  regular infantry  and artillery.  

While  you only spend 20% of the game in the Army Organisation screen, I'll  make the claim it's actually  40% of the game,  A badly made army will make it impossible to win.  You'll spend a lot of time taking care of your army. You'll need  to  find officers for your units,  you'll see   both officers and  units level up(promoted for officers) You'll spend a lot of time  finding the right weapons for them. You have many weapons  to choose from,  but availability is a pain. Not only do  you need  the money  for the guns, But there might not be enough guns to supply your brigade. 

And the guns got stats of course, very broadly speaking, the short  range smoothbore have higher melè, while the rifled-muskets have  better range and accuracy.  Why exactly  a  musket is better in melè  then a rifled-musket I do not know, But it's a game. 

But it dosen't help having super fancy guns  if  you can't resupply them after a battle. So often you  end up  using weapons  you captured  after a battle.  

You also  have supply you need to look  after, Each corps have a supply wagon, that resupplies  your army  in a battle.  It will run out! You  can max have 25000 supply. If  you  got 30-40 guns going off and a 20  000 soldiers firing  of  their weapons, those  25000 will go in minutes! You  can capture the enemy supply wagons, these can be used  in the battle,  but if you don't use them up in that battle the remaining supplies  will be added to yours after the battle. 

From the first battle asUnion

I  will tell you, you  will be attached   to your units. For simplicity's sake, I made each of my divisions  "state divisions"  So my   first division was  a New York division. With 1st New york Brigade, 2nd New York  Brigade, 1st New York Artillery etc.  My Second was a Maine division. 
I also  had Rhoad Island, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio etc.

Two units I did get very attached  to was 1st New York Brigade and 1st Maine Brigade. 
1st New york, had been with me since  the first battle.  And my 1st Maine was my Killer Angles and  had been  with me since my second battle. After  Antietam, they had like 12000 kills after  over a year of campaigning, I   almost lost them  twice, at Shiloh  they were down   to 350  men and at Gains Mill they  were down  to 240 men, At Antietam, they lost  1300 men. 

The screen  you get  after winning the first battle.

When you've  finished  playing in the army organization screen it's time to do battle.  Before each major battle(1st Manassas, Shiloh etc.)  you have optional  battles, smaller actions  that will let  you get experience, money,  and manpower.

The battles play  out mostly like the first game, they  have  improved stuff, making it easier  to create cohesive  battle lines. They have also   made artillery  much easier to   handle, no need to micro them, simply put them  some place, and the rest is automatic,  the guns unlimber and they also choose  the ammo them self. So  they automatically go for canister at close range. 

But the battles are also  the biggest problem so far in the game. They are not dynamic. 

So  if I loose 20 000  men in a  battle, I'll need to reinforce my army with  whatever resources  I  have.  This does not  apply to the ai. You can almost wipe the ai   army of the face of the planet, and the next battle it's at full strength. It's a shame, it would be very cool if   you could win the game by simply destroy  the enemy army in a giant battle. But you can't and  I guess they won't add it,  As  the campaign  will be many hours long, but if   you win after 4 major battles the campaign will be 4 hours  long not 25 hours long. 

My Army  early in the game.

A little later,  with  a 2nd corps added.

And the second big problem with the battle is the scripting.
One of the more dramatic examples of this is at Shiloh, At the start of the  battle,  you need to  hold Shiloh Church and the  Hornet's nest. And I did, I held them both. Yet in day 2 my entire army gets magically  transported to Pitsburg landing. And I have to retake  both these places. I had by the 2nd day almost destroyed the  CSA army, I   had probebly a  5:1  advantage in  forces. So  I why would I pull back?

Other   then these  problems, there are just some bugs here and there(again not a finished game)

The rebs throw them self at my lines, you see all those brown/grey corpes in the stream? Yeah a dozen 12 pdr Napoleons will do  that over a few hours.

After doing two smaller actions, I  have only 1st Bull  Run left,  and I need to do it, to continue on.

There is also  the problem  with the difficulty, I played my first  proper campaign as Union  on easy, I won every single battle(  you aren't suppose to win  all battles)  While I was challenged  in the battles and needed   to keep on   my toes. I still won them all. I'm  going to try now on Normal, But I'm afraid Normal will be too  hard  and I'll never reach Antietam. Because I played on  easy I  had 25% more manpower and money. So I could have 5 brigades I always filled with veteran reinforcements. This gives me an edge. 

How it looked before Antietam. 

The game is extremely fun, I spent almost 15 hours on this first campaign, so a full one  with all the battles will  last at least 20 maybe close to 30 hours.  I have laid out the things I'm not a fan   of, I doubt most of them will be changed. As I said,  it's a bit frustrating destroying  an enemy army just to  see it complete and intact the  next battle but if  you don't do it, it's perfectly possible you'll never see  half the battles as  you  destroyed the enemy army early in  the game. I  mean I lost 18 000 men at Antietam, the south lost 24 000 out of 46 000. I still  would have over 60 000 against their 22 000, So I  would most  likely have won the war after the  next battle.

 Now again I played on easy, this would be much harder on  normal or hard, but then some people are much  better than   me at this, and so even on  hard some players would destroy  the enemy early on. The one thing I  hope they  do change is the scripting  of the battles. We might not get a dynamic  campaign, but dynamic  battles would have been nice.

I recommend the game as it is now, without hesitation , but if you want  to wait a few months, you can do  that,  the game is on early accsess, but the game is quite complete, so it won't be years and yeasrs in  early accsess hell.

The game is out on steam  now, and when  done will also come to Ipad.

The Death of the confederacy? Kemper with his back  to the river getting shot up by  30 canon and thousands of soldiers.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Lots to show off

Well it's nice when  a project  starts to get unde rway proper, I finished  Miltitz it was a pain  to do,  I  was one of the special  units where I got half as a wedding  present. but it all fucked up. First I couldn't find my horse tone grey  which is my go to shade when doing white, so I had to  find another way to get close to the white I  did on  the first 4 figures I  painted months ago. But it got worse I suddenly realised I used the wrong green! the green ended up  being  to light. So very uninspired and  took a long time to finish, in the end it look okish.

I then started work in my  Hanoverian heavy battery.  The  Allies need  6  heavy batteries.
The problem here was the blue on the gunners, apparently, they have light blue,  but not sky blue.
Medium  and light  blue  are hard colors. I have plenty of  various  dark blues.  and I got 2 triads for sky/bavarian blue.  But finding  a mid or light  blue is hard. In the end, I'm semi-happy with  the result. The mid  colour and highlight were too close. and doesn't show up  very well

And while I'm quite happy with  the brick  red carriage, the tube isn't very well painted.

And now comes the good stuff. I have no finished the first division   in   my Minden project,  only 15  more divisions left. Oh, and of course it's the smallest in the entire OOB by  a good margin.
A single Hanoverian  infantry  brigade and a single British light battery.

Anhalt +1  Painted in  his  regimental  uniform.

I must say, 7YW British artillerists must have some of the most awesome  uniforms ever!
Dark blue,  red facings and lots of yellow lace.  The blue is British  Royal blue   triad from  foundry, with  a second  highlight of Foundry Union blue  C.   

So That's what I  got to show you today. But one last  thing.  I'm  trying  to sell some Perry Napoleonic Russians I've painted.  I've tried to sell them several  times  now, Both as single units and as a package deal.  So  take  a look  at my ebay

The price is £100 pr unit, the total is £330  I did this because shipping would be well over £30  PER hussar unit   and £27 for the infantry. So by selling  all three togeather for £330 the shipping will be £10 pr unit.  This will  not  cover the shipping, but will help  a  little.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Review The Battle of Minden 1759: The Miraculous Victory of the Seven Years War

I  decided to  do a review of this book, because frankly  I was disapionted. 

I  want to be carefull  when reviewing something dealing with the SYW, while I'm  FAR from  an  expert in Napoleinc history, I  do  feel much more comfterble saying stuff about that period. Simply  because I have studied  as a hobby  for  some 13 yerars. Which not that far from half my life.

But with  the exeption of on online soures and discussions  I have only  read one book about this war, And it delt with the Prussian  battles of 1757.

So I'll try not  to make any judgment on the history of the book. 

So I orderd   this book because as far as I  know, no book  deals specifically with Minden, The battle is part  of other  books, But no book deals  with this battle as  a main topic. Not even a  Osprey tittle deals with  the  battle.

It was 203 pages long.  So  that  should be a big nice detailed  description of the battle. 
Now  this is my fault for not checking better. But i was quite disapointed when I got the book and read  the index, In a book  of  203 pages, only 20 pages deal with  the battle.... frankly  I  feel this  is  false  advertisment. Calling a book the battle of minden when only 10% of the book is about  the actual  battle?

So  what does the book deal with?

First the book it self is just 119 pages(in in reality  20% ish  of the book deals with the  battle) 
Another 80 ish  pages are OOBs(more on that later) transcripts of parts of  Sackvilles Court Martial,  and general info on  the armies inolved

The main book really deals with  two things;  first  it deals with the war in western Germany,  You  get a description of  Hastenbeck   and everything ells that   happens in   estern Germany up  to and including  Minden. Second  part is  the  British  involvment in the  war, The political and military, it deals with the costal raids in northen france  ect.

Now  these  parts  are fine, I liked this part. I did learn alot that I did not know. (and some  things I allready should have known but didn't) 
From  the start (in the introcution)  the author makesit clear he  feels Sackville  got shafted by  history.  While he is not pro Sackville , and makes it clear he is at best  a competent general. He clearly feels  Sackville  was not a coward,  did not act out of jealousy  ect. Simply he become a  scapegoat. He makes a good case  for this. But again, this deals with the history  and I don't  feel I  can make  a judgment on history. 

But Now comes Minden, as I said it's 20  pages long, and atleast 3 pages  deals  with  the deployment.
Now why is it short? It's possible becasue nothing happend in the battle. The book and other sources all seem  to  agree  that those  6  British battalions, with support  of two  Hannoverian  battalions  won the enitre  battle. And everything ells that happend  didn't do  much.

Ok, I can kinda buy  that. So I can buy  not having 70 pages devoted  to the battle. 

But one of  the  reasons for the short description of  the battle is the dry way  it's writen. I'ts consice to a fault. I've read three  paragraph long miniature AAR with love  lively language.

There are a few first hand acounts put in  the battle.  Two of  them basicly descibe the  same thing.  There are almost no descriptions from the french side.(except for the two French  commanders) 

Lets for instance take  the big show down, The British murder the french cavarly. This is  given in a short  descrition and then comes a first hand acount(by an  officer that  seem  to have problems keeping track of  when and how   thnigs  happned. ) And thats it..

Where  are the first hand acounts from the french? I'm sure some  french officer  or trooper wrote about riding  into death?  How about more acounts from the british? I'm sure other officers, NCOs and even some privates did  write  letters or  diaries of this climatic happening?  What about french infantry  that too   got malled by the British infantry and Hanoverian  Guard?

Sure you might not  get 70 pages. But for crying  out  loud, try and  get 30  pages  out of a  battle that  is the title of the book.  

How about when  the  prussian  dragoons charge  inn, sure the battle  was won, but I'm sure some dragoon  wrote  about riding over and cutting down the  enemy. Yes half the allied castualites where british, what about  the other half? You don't  really get a feeling where that other half got killed and wouned?  Did  they all just get hit by long  range  cannon fire  from the  french?

Except for the defence of Sackville this book did not tell me much  new about  the battle  that I havn't read  on kronoskaf or other online sources. 

Now what about  the the other half of the book that is suplimentary?
It's actually very good. It got a  detaled OOB for both Allies and French. Not only that, but uniform info  on  every regiment. This  I feel can  only be valueble  for us Wargamers. Sure some people are just intersted in  uniforms, but would they care about a  list of facing  colors? Who except Wargamers and mabye reenactors need  to know this? This is   by now means a complaints. It's wonderfull.
I'm doing Minden  with Might and  Reason, and  the OOB  needs a converged Hanoverian  grenadier battalion. But kronoskaf dosn't list what regiments those gernadiers come from, so I didn't know  how to paint them.  But  this OOB   does. Now it turns  out that they all came from  those  Hanoverian battalions in  the same division,  which mabye I should have guessed. But it's still nice.

It also  have a  descirption of the inner working  of the armies invloved,  Their regimental structurs,   national  diffrences in cavarly types ect.  I  knew most of this. But still nice to have. 

And the book  also have  a transcript from parts of the  Courts Martial of Sackville, specificaly the questining of  british artillery officers. Not suprising  from the rest of  the book,  this  transcript backs up the authors opinion that Sackville got a raw deal.
This I do find intresting, actually dealing what a person said in a court of law some 270  years ago is very cool. 

So for  me the  book is a mixed bag,  I actually  enjoyed almost all of it, except the actual Minden part. It takes you just a few minutes to  read   through the battle.  And I  find that  disapointing.  

So this is my opinion,   take it for what it  is. I will  recomend  it, I'm  far from sorry I  bought  it. But I   guess I'll have to wait for another book to  deal with the battle of Minden  in  more detail.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

A very special unit

A very special unit! I had started a Prussia vs Austria project with minden miniatures. I got in contact with man from TMP and we started talking about me buying some of this many minden figures, it took a while and planes changed. I decided to do the battle of Minden with Might and Reason rules, and he decided to not give up on painting those wonderfull minden figures.

I did have a few Austrian and prussian figures laying around. I painted 3 prussian draoons as Hessian Cavarly and 12 Austrian musketeers as the French/German regiment Anhalt. But I needed 3 more dragoons and 12 more muskteers. Stefan knew I was about to get married. So he said I could choose a few figures as a wedding gift. And I choose 12 austrian musketeers and 3 prussian dragoons.

So a few weeks before the wedding I got a package that not only included these figures but some nice Belgian chocolate!

And now sevral months later, the unit is finished.

The Austrian musketeers aren't  a perfect match,  the biggest  diffrences that I can  see are the lace on  the vest and  the lack of sword. But they  are  close enough.

 I used the Foundry Deep Blue triad, a rather  strange triad. 
The  end  product  is ok, but the triad is funky, The A shade is  very dark, but not only is  the B shade quite alot lighter,   it has a very diffrent tone, the A is dark and rich, while B and C are  much  more flat in the color, so for me  the A does  not Match B  and C,  not only that, but  while  A is very much darker then B, C  is not that much lighter then B, 

This  is something I've notcied with the foundry colors,  some are great, others are not. Generaly the Napoleonic triads are very good. But other  "generic"  triads  can be quite useless.
 Next up are 4 Prussian dragoon as  Hessian cavalry, To finish my wedding gifts.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Brunck/Estorff Regiment

 So with just 3 danish horses and troopers left to finisg my 3 squadron regiment, I had "early 18th centryed out"  I'll get back to these 3 soon! But I also had a unit of  Minden Hanoverians  almost finished I  had  finished 12 of  them, and was almost done with 6 more, when back in July I  got bored. I've now finished it.

Since July I have painted 125 WSS/GNW, I still have 74 more that I can paint.

Right  now  I'll  paint 12 more SYW, then finish those 3 danes. and then back  to SYW!

This is regiment Brunck/Estorff  part  of the  Hannoverian  army, took part in many of the big battles of the SYW.  I choose them simply for the colourfullness. Yellowish breaches, and light green vests and facings.

They  will both  be Estorff  battalion but also for my Might & Reason repersent  the brigade in Anhalt's Division.

Just  to make them  even more colourfull, lots of nice flowers!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Review Ebor miniature French/Spanish cavalry

So there are  people out there that wonders about  the newer Ebor Cavarly. As   many people either feel   or  have heared that some of the Ebor cav ain't  that good.
This  is partly  my fault, becasue I've been vocal   on this(I do  hope I'm the sole person  responsible for this "fact")

Anyway here is a review of French/Spanish Cavalry, these are newer.

I do not like saying bad things about ebor figures, as Ebor is a great company, with unbeatable prices and very good customer   service. (he is bad at answering  mails tho)

So lets start with the old figures(I  have painted 3 of  them, but apperantly I have no  pictures of them.
My problem with them  are; they simply don't look  good, they are stiff, the coats look like this.

And in the Center of the rider, it's simply a flat empty  space.  Sure this part is mostly coverd by the horse  head. But it's disapointing.

Now on to the good stuff, I can from the  get go say these cavarly figures are superiour in every possible  way.  Infact  not only are they better, They  are very good figures period.

They are much more animated, much more natural possion, Better  detail, easier to  paint. (still not sure I'm a fan of ebor  faces)  They are just lovely miniatures.

There  are many things I  like, 

One of my favorite parts  are the  gloves. A big problem with Cavarlyof this period is that some lack color,(danes are  90%  buff leather, much of the  french cav are  grey/white  ect) Often the only color is the horse blanket and the cuffs. BUT the cuffs becaue the leather gloves cover much of the cuffs.
On these(and I have no  idea if this  is correct for French cavarly or simply artistic license) The gloves are"open"after the  hand,  the lower part of the  glove is open, leaving  much of the lower parts of the  cuffs exposed. While the upper part is coved  by the glove.  This helps alot to bring color to otherwise boring  uniform.

Also big cudos to the  horses, this  isn't really fair, as last   time I painted standing  horses,  and those are  automaticaly more boring. This time I have "charging/galloping" horses, Great  animations,  they are BIG and POWERFUL, infact there might be some Bizon  blood in these. They might  be  a  little  over the top in animation and mucles. But they do look  good!

You get 3 diffrent horses, and 3 diffrent troopers(two of  them are very simular but only slight diffrences) While  the other is more uniqe.  You  also   get 3  of  your standard command, (officer, standard barer and trumpeter) I had not  gotton  my Robert hall   plates  yet, but googles showed me a trumpter from the  Lorrine regiment from 1695, so  I tried to  copy it.

I choose  the pack with pistols, you can get them  with swords too. 
at  £29 for 12, The price is unbeatble.

I still do  prefer the warfare  cavarly,  (even tho   I  do love those gloves  on those ebor figures)
Warfare is simply more slim and more my style anatomicaly.   But I will most likely do all my  french(and mabye bravarian) cavarly with these figures! Because I do like the figues alot, it  will also be a nice break(as they are  very diffrent to  paint  from  warfare) AND the  style  is diffrent enough to simply make it easier on the table to see(ah those are french and  those are the allies)
But  they styles  aren't that  diffrent that it will look totaly off to have them on the same table. 

I do recomend them wholehearteldy!  They are easy to  paint, I  think  they look good(oh and those wonderful  gloves!!) So if  you are building  a french cavarly force  for the WSS,  don't hesitate to buy the  French/Spanish  cavarly for Ebor  miniatures, 

Flags  are  again Maverick Models on cloth!