Sunday, February 17, 2019

The 12th Foot.

I finished my 12 foot.
The figures are Crann Tara and so modeled for War of Austrian Succession and 45 rebellion.
But for me, they will also gun down thousands of French cavalry at Minden. 

They are very nice figures, VERY nice. I did them in the platoon fire position with flanks ready to give fire. 

 The coats are 4 layers of various reds, mostly citadel.
 Flags are Maverick Model.

I now have 72 infantry for my Anglo-Hanoverian army. I got 48 more unpainted, a Hessian grenadier battalion and some Highlanders. 
I hope to finish some French cavalry and infantry soon.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Time Travel +500 years

Well I had to compromise my vision.

 My plan was to do 18 "skirmishers" and 24 MAAs. But my project had ground to a halt, and I felt I had to just finish the units, or I might not continue with the project. So, in the end, my skirmishes ended up with 12 and my MAAs ended up with 18.

The skirmishes worked out quite well when I put stuff on the base, but my MAAs should have had at least 4 more figures. They are to spaced out.

With my previously finished unit, my french "army" his a whopping 3 units.
 But I know from experience, that it's always harder to get a project going than continuing it. 4 finished units look so much better than 3, and 5 looks amazing next to 4. It's an exponential curve. I find it much easier to do more units for my GNW project which is now closing on 500 figures, then finishing my first TYW unit.

 Anyway, all figures are Claymore, the skirmish base, is a mix of crossbowmen and pavisers. (I started this base before Claymore released their paviser/crossbow teams)

 The MAAs base is well Claymore MAAs. the flags are temporary, simply printed out and fitted to removable tops, so I can change the loyalty of the unit. The flags should probably have been space out more in the back, and not been so close. Depending on what rules I use, and what the rules allow, the MAAs and "infantry" can either be separate units. Or combined into a "large" unit with the MAAs in front and the infantry at the back. In the end, my vision was compromised, but my hail mary did work and seeing 3 finished units, makes me want to do more.

Claymore has released several packs of infantry now(my infantry are pavisers with random handweapons.) I do hope Claymore will release some cavalry soon, as I've found no cavalry what fit with claymore(either in armor style or quality of casting)

The skirmishing base, worked out fine with logs and bushes.  
 While the basing did help the MAAs, they are still a bit too far spaced.

How a large unit would look like, with the MAAs at the front and infantry at the back. 
The ginormous French armada of 54 figures.
While 54 isn't a lot, this still means my HYW project is the 4th biggest I'm doing.
The first one by several country miles is GNW with somewhere between 450 and 500 figures.
Second is my SYW project with slightly less than 300.  
Closely followed by Napoleonics with some 200-250. 
And so my HYW project at 54 comes in at 4th.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019


I finished a unit of Vikings, the figures are footsore, and the flag and shield decals are LBMS.
Good figures, but not the style I do my best work. Lots of flat surfaces, very little for me to shade/highlight. Not a critique of the figures, it's just different styles.  

 I put the 5 fighters in gambesons up front as the better equipped would take place in the front.
I'm guessing, in reality, every single Viking going into a fight would have a gambeson. 
But I'm guessing it would remove the Viking feel and they'd just look like all other medieval spear infantry only with round shields. 

 I have a second unit to paint, that unit will be a mix of unarmored and mail.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Micro Army.

Well, there's not going to be an end of year report this year, my production was simply not worth talking about last year, I bearly did anything the last 5  months of the year. 

Anyway, the first post of the year does have some eye candy.

I've finished some Swedes, I now actually only have 12 Swedish cavalry unpainted. I have tones of anti-Swedish stuff, but only 12 cavalry, if you ignore some random Swedish infantry I'm going to experiment with. Anyway, this let me do a Swedish photoshoot. 

 The lastest unit, Glydenstierna dragoons, I had planed on doing this unit back in 2015 when  I started this project. And now I've started on them, they'll be 24 by the end. 
 The flag is badly made by me, I've found no conclusive source for the flag used by this regiment. There were earlier Gyldenstierna regiments back during the Scanian war. but I don't know if it would use the same heraldry. 
 Army shoot.
 On this flank 6 squadrons of Småland cavalry regiment Björnborg battalion, Kalmar battalion and in the back a 5mening battalion.
And On this flank, we still have Kalmar and 5mening on the right side. But to the left, we have Jönkjöping and the quite new Västerbotten battalion. This cavalry flank is made up of 2 more squadrons of Småland, the new Gyldenstierna dragoons, two squadrons of Livregimentet til hest and a single squadron of Drabantene. 

A total of  78 cavalry or 13 BLB squadrons, and 112 infantry in 5 battalions, and 3 generals.
All figures except the Björnborg battalion and the 3 generals are Warfare miniatures. All flags except that single badly made Gyldenstierna standard are warfare too.

Monday, December 3, 2018

AAAAANNNNDDD, it's done.

Well, I started on this battalion about a year ago, I started it after I had read a book on Fraustadt, it describes an unorthodox formation, all the battalions deployed in 6 ranks, not 4, and the pike was placed along the entire frontage in the 3rd rank, and not in the center. I assume this was done since the Saxon-Russian army had deployed entirely behind chevaux de frise and so with pikes along the entire frontage the pikes could easily poke and prod at the Saxons and Russians behind their defenses if that was needed.  It might also have been done, by the size of the battlefield, the battalions had close support of cavalry and the size of the field between the two villages the Saxons had anchored their infantry flanks simply meant that if they deployed in 4 ranks, then the flanks of the Swedish infantry would hit the villages and break up their attack.

I wanted to show this in a regiment, and I choose Väserbotten, I had planned on doing this regiment for some time, as I wanted Karpus clad swedes and Västerbotten used the karpus the entire war.
As it turns out, this regiment saw some of the toughest fights during the battle of Fraustadt, While the Swedish right flank just cut and shot the Saxons and Russians to pieces. Vasterbotten and other regiments on the left flank met heavy resistance from the Saxon Guards and Grenadiers. Even the Swedish dragoons on the left met far stiffer resistance than their friends on the right did, as on the left you had the Saxon gard du corps what actually showed they were worthy of their title, as they fought harder and longer than any other Saxon cavalry unit did during the war.

Anyway, I decided to represent this formation by having the unit in 3 ranks instead of the regular 2 ranks, and with all the pike in the middle rank. I think it looks good, I'll probably only do this again for the second battalion of Västerbotten. So the regiment is in the same formation, while I use the regular style for all my other Swedish units. 

The unit has 9 pikemen, 4 more than in the regular style units I use. 

I managed to squeeze  9 figures on the 60x60 bases, so the unit has the exact same depth and frontage as the regular units.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Not dead,

Neither am I an ex Gunfreak, I have not ceased to be etc.

We're redoing our kitchen(our kitchen from 1956 so a lot of work)  So after almost two months, we're now simply waiting for the electrician, and can't do much more before that.

But you're not here for kitchen updates, you're here for miniatures. And I have something for you.

I dug out a half-finished Hanoverian battalion, I started on this a long time ago, in a galaxy.....
I ordered the flags for the battalion almost 2 years ago, so I probably started on it about two years ago. I did the first 12 and it stopped, I've finally finished the last 12, it's, of course, a pain in the ass to restart a unit after almost two years. I realized I used a different musket color on the first 12, and I have no idea what color I used for the natural leather. But I think the most important stuff like the red and yellow is the same.

So I present to you Oberg/Chevallerie battalion:

 The Hanoverians are a colorful bunch.
The Figures are of course Minden, and flags are of course Maverick. I think the old and new match quite well. Last time His Britannic Majesty's Army got reinforcements was back in April 2017, so it was about time. But soon the French will get some reinforcements too. Luckily the 12th foot will follow the French.

The Force so far, 2 battalions, 3 units of cavalry, a medium and a heavy gun.

I did a counting, all my SYW forces,(French, Prussian, Austrian, British, Hanoverian, and Hessian,) Now total 298. 

Monday, September 3, 2018


So I've expanded this unit by six, I did it mostly to get a new blog post as it was so silent for well over a month, I cracked this out in two days, one day to do the horses and one to do the riders. 

I have of late decided to do a different painting technique, the last few years I've been block painting, doing the first layer on all things then the second on all things etc etc.
But it's a fast way to do things, but it often leads to some sloppy work, like when I do the last few details I just want to finish up, meaning hair, and all black things often just get done quick and dirty. 

But I've now tried out finishing each thing before moving on to others. So I finish all layers on the coat and do the buttons etc, then I move on to trousers, then straps etc. This means I can concentrate on each part. I feel it does get better, especially the faces, sitting down and doing all 6 layers on the face in one go, makes it easier to work on them and see what you're doing.  But it does go slower. not a lot slower, maybe an extra hour on 6 figures, so I spend 7 hours on 6 figures instead of 6 hours. 

 Figures are Warfare Swedish cavalry and warfare flags
 The new cav is great, I like the broader heftier swords, but the biggest improvement is in the command, they are really, really good! The trumpeter is fantastic, and the officers that just have to show his cuirass!
 They really do look like they are in the process of chopping down some feeling Saxons/Russians/Danes.