Wednesday, June 20, 2018


I plan on doing a photoshoot of my Anti-Swedish force once the battalion I'm working on now, is finished. But I realized I lacked lots and lots of brigadiers.

So between doing some Russian infantry, I'm going Generals.
First up is a Russian infantry brigadier.

I did him in the "classic" Green with red facings, since my Saxon brigadiers will be in red coats and my Danish in white/light grey, I didn't want my Russian to look Danish or Saxon(since Russians could be seen in White or red coats, I might do one in blue, to lead my second Russian infantry brigade.

 The figure is Warfare Rusian general
 Doing early 18th century generals, lets me do one black tack.
I find it extremely boring that black tack became standard for every nation and unit.
So letting me do some red leather tack is nice.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Queens Regiment(and lots of cavarly.

So I finished another 12 Saxon cavalry, this time from Queens Regiment.

 I decided to do them with red hat tape, as one source says the had it, just because it's almost always white, yellow or black. So red makes them unique.

This means the Saxon cavalry force is now 48 strong,  and Anti-Swedish cavalry force is 78.

To fight them I got 54 Swedish cavalry.

And here it is, 132 Warfare miniature cavalry. 

Soo it will be expanded with 24 new Swedish and probably 12 or 18 more Danes too, and probably some Russians.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Palate cleanser

So I like doing early 18th Century artillery, you don't have to worry about making large batteries. So you can crank a small cannon and crew out in a day(I did this cannon and crew in about 4 hours yesterday, and another hour doing the basing today) The gunners have less gear then musketeers, so it's 70-80% of the job of a musketeer, so when you only got 3 to do, it goes fast.
My anti-Swedish coalition is starting to outgun the Swedes now.  A Saxon 12pdr, Russian 3pdr, and soon a Russain 1pdr)
I was unsure if I should do the metal yellow or black, it appears both styles were used by the Russians.  I'm starting work on my next 12 Saxon cuirassiers, this will bring my Saxon cavalry force up to 48, add to that 18 Danes and 12 Russians and the Anti-Swedes will have 78 cavalry. 

Also finished the first 6 of 22 for my first battalion of Semenovski Guards, I have all the figures needed for the full 3 battalion regiment.

 I'm very happy with this gun, I continued the technique I learned, with a think drybrush of earth, then a think drybrush of black ink, before a drybrush of bronze. I've used this technique several times now, but this time I nailed it. Even before I put on the bronze layer, the gun looked kinda bronze, so it was a very light drybrush of bronze used.

Sunday, May 27, 2018


So I had done 2 of three bases on this unit, I started on the last 6, got the first layer of yellow and red on it, and lost inspiration, instead, I wanted to do ACW, but I had only a few random ACW figures left. So once I did that, I thought I might as well try and finish this one.
And I did, but the last 6 didn't turn out that well because of lack of inspiration.

But this was one of two battalions for my project clean up, trying to finish a few GNW units.

This is one of my experimental units, I tried a new yellow homemade triad(with mixed resaults)
 I also tried to show a different tactical option for the use of pike, while the standard was in the center, they could also spread them out along the entire battalion, so this is what  I tried with this one.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

And the resaults are in.

But not really.

When I did the first 6 of these Russian Horse Grenadiers, I asked if I should do 3 figure companies or expand the companies to twice the historic size to make each company 6 figure big.
I asked several places and in the end, it ended up about 50/50 maybe 55/45 to double sized companies. 
But since I kinda leaned toward 3 figure companies, I placed my 30% vote power and so that's how ut ended.

So now my Russians have a massive 12 horse grenadiers, that won't do against 54 Swedish, I do plan on one day finishing the entire Horse Grenadier-Regiment Nr. 40, that would be 30 strong.
But my next Russians will probably be regular dragoons.
But before that I need to finish Swedish infantry and Russian infantry and Artillery, I also got 6 Saxon dragoons and 12 Saxon Cuirassiers to finish.

In total, I have 123 infantry and 18 cavalry to paint, I also hope those damn new Swedish cavalry for warfare gets released soon.

I'm unsure what to put in the hands of the standard-bearer. apparently Horse grenadiers did not have standards.

The companies are from Moskovski, Vladimirski, Siberianski, and Smolenski. Moskow are totally white, so I tactically made them the command base, so I could add some gold, thereby cheating away from having all white uniforms.

I have no idea if Slomensk had blue horse blankets, but again, if in doubt I'll go with more colour. 

Right now I'm working on "project clean up" trying to finish my Russian and Swedish half done battalions. While I also plan on starting on a Russian Guard battalion and a Russian gun. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Go Pak yourself!

So with two tanks and a jeep, the Germans needed some equipment or it would be a very short war.

I didn't want to go straight for a German tank, I felt I need to learn the dunkelgelb stuff, and If I did a tank I  probably wouldn't do it pure dunkelgelb but some camo, and that to would need some testing.

So I did a Pak 40, still Rubicon models and still AMMO paints and effects.
I only used 3 out of the 4 dunkelgelb paints, as I felt it became to light when I can't airbrush.

The whole thing might be too dirty and gray?

Also, I'm not happy with the sumpfmunster camo smocks.

 A PaK all my it's lonesome. 
 The PaK is now happy with it's new friends.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Commonwealth Airborne jeep

The second kit I got from Sven for my birthday was a Rubicon Airborne jeep.

It was lovely to paint up, but led to some complications.

First, the instructions showed the airborne jeep with a Browning .50 cal I had glued it on, when Sven pointed out the airborne should have twin Vickers machine gun.
Well, I didn't see any Vickers, not realizing that it was, of course, Vickers K(I had completely forgotten those even existed. I thought those in the kit were Lewis Guns.
Well I managed to rip off the fifi cal without damaging the paint(the green part of the jeep was done by this point)

Now the second problem, apparently 1st Airborne never used the twin Vickers, they wanted to but the weight was too much, so the never got them. And the kit didn't come with the possibility of fixing a single Vickers on the dash. In the end, I used part of the getup for the fifi cal and the side mounted Bren/Vickers, and so managed to make a single mounted Vickers on the dash.

I'm very happy with this one, I think I got a nice look on this one, though I'm unsure about the Denison smock.

But this led to a second problem, I had more or less given up on painting those Warlord American airborne plastic figures as they are just horrible, they are also giants, next to my Jeep Rubicon crew, they look like grizzlies in uniforms.

And this had led to my hunt for actual 28mm infantry, and I also gave up that hunt, it was hard enough finding figures that are prone with an MG, finding none giant 28mm WW2 figures seems impossible.

I'm painting a PaK 40 now, and the heads of the Airborne figures have about 120% the volume of the heads of the Pak crew, the kneeling airborne is almost as tall as a standing PaK crew.....

Anyway here is the Jeep.

 A nice and dirty Willys Jeep
 Beret might be too bright.
 I'm slowly getting somewhat better at the decals
As I said, I'm unsure how well the Denison turned out.