Wednesday, June 18, 2014

As promised

 So regular programing has returned. Two WIPs the first one is Dutch foot guards(blue gards) I'm not happy with them, I'm so out of practice, felt they were sloppy done.

The dutch guards should have some lace on their soldiers, but close enough.
I did them in the apropriate red and blue, even tho I was tempted to do them in the William of Orange, yellowish and blue. But by 1704 they almost definatly used the red and blue, abit anoying. while dark blue and red is very cool mix. I wanted to keep the blue dark, so I only used the french foundry triad, I normaly add a even lighter highlight. But wanted them dark so only the triad.

I also wanted the red to be clear and rich, so I did not shade or high light it, only one color of rich red.

This was to make the red and blue contrast as much as possible.

The second WIP that I actualy painted like a month ago now. Is a bravarian unit, I did the first base long ago, and started on the command base, but got so bored, not sure why I've spent like weeks trying to finish it, got so bored I finished the whole of the prince george unit, then didn't paint, left for my girlfriend, and did the first base of the dutch guards. Now I have to finish that command base.

Life update

 So tomorrow I will resume regular programing, but I'll give you a life update.
About two weeks ago I left to stay a long weekend with my girlfriend, he lives two hours away by train, I was plaing on staying from Thursday to Sunday, but stayed a week longer. So only came home this Sunday. The week and a half was spent in the sun, and with puppies.
My girlfiend just got two litters of Siberian Huskies. I was there for the delivery of the first litter, but not the second, so I spent weeks 3-5 with them Now, had not seen the first litter since they were one day old. Now they are bigger and well funnier, my girlfriend worked during the week, So i was puppy guardian.
I also spent a day and a half with the potential inlaws at the cabin, so some pics from that trip.

This is Lyng, a girl from the second litter, my sister is buying a puppy from my girlfriend, and I hope this is the one she gets. As I really like her.
 This is me at the cabin, at midnight, yes midnight, this is far south of the midnight sun, but it still does not get darker then this, and this is a good 3 weeks before the 24th of june, when it will be at it's lightest
 This is orca, his real name is Ymer, but he looks like a killer whale so he is Orca.
 Me with 9 out of  10 puppies
 Sleepy puppies
 Not sleepy puppies
 This is the dad for both litters(I know real man whore) He did not like beeing in a boat, but he is a big pussy, beeing even more afraid of hights then me.
 Oske, he is the biggest in both litters, huge dog, he is only 5 weeks but he is now close to the size of the pentagon.
 Kvasir, all the dogs in the first litter got norse names. Ymer, Kvasir, Oske, Mjøllnir, Såga and Garm.
 This is Issoleie, all the puppies from the second litter got names of plants found in the norwegian mountains. So Issoleie, Krekling, Lyng and Molte.
 This is Mjøllnir, he looks like a pitbull in the nose.
 This is a sleepy version of Såga, the only girl in the first litter, only girl of six!! puppies, so she is kinda butch, having been stued in testostaron for sevral months
 Orange Gunfreak does not smile
 Lyng again, beeing sleepy
 And Orca, he is my favorite, super enegry, never tierd, fun and cool dog.
 The village by the cabin
 Daddy Freke again, much happier not beeing in a boat
And Såga again, she is uniqe only dark grey in both litters.

Regular update tomorrow with first bases of two diffrent regiments for WSS

Sunday, June 1, 2014


 So normaly, you get a couple of WIP posts, But suprise suprise A finished unit never seen before.

Prince George's Regiment, or as it's danish it would be pronounced Ge Org. Danes are a strange people, while they owned norway for 400 years(known as the 400 year night in norway) They still kinda feel like norways little brother. Norway is big and scary with wild animals, wild forests, waterfalls and big mountains. I resantly learned that most of my familiy on my mothers side comes from a small village some distance from Randers in Denmark, which means some of my ancestors might have been in this or other regiments that served in the WSS.

The figures are not my best, the while turned out a bit spotty, not a great transition from light do dark, some of the light are just like spots on the coat. I did not have any sources for the uniform other then the basic rank and file one, So the officer uniform and the grandier mitre is just fancy stuff. I'm in doubt wether the drummer used reverse colors, but I could not resist the chance at doing a big as coat in bright orange.

I did the drum in the danish colors of white and red. I gave the officers red sash, it was the save choice as it was quite common color for sashes, tho I toyed with the idea of having them in orange too.

The grenadier mitres have golden grenades on them.
My 3 allied battalions so far.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

WSS stuff

 I'm so proud of my self(and horrified) I actualy painted my entire last order, granted only about 26 figures. But still. My WSS force is now 113 strong. It's taken quite a long while. The first french unit in this force is I think 2 or 3 years old now. While most of it is only about 8 months old.

My Ferguson regiment, As you see I tried to model platoon fire. I also did a British general.

 I finnaly got to use this cool blue/purple thing, I never use it becasue I have no other colors to shade or highlight it with.

 My WSS stuff so far. 5 battalions, 3 squadrons, one half squadron, and 2 generals

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Ferguson's regiment and french general

 So no Danes today, and ebor bravarians was sent today so sevral days/weeks befor they show up.
So I decided to get my other British unit done, So this is Earl Angus' regiment, quite smashing, red and white, with buff leather.

Also did a French brigade general, I think he looks rather smashing, definatly my best general figure so far.
 I'm doing to try and model platoon fire, while my french are in verious rank fire possisions, these will be rank fire. But theise will be platoon fire, so this base is standing waiting for fire, while the second "normal" base will be with leveld muskets.
 This guy is a bad ass, he dosn't use a regular tricorne but a light grey one, BAD ASS!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

WSS stuff

 Photoshoot time, So finished my 8th Horse, tho I have not found any one doing their standard.

Then I did a little photoshoot with the WSS stuff I had.
 I tried to do the flag under the trumpet the same style standard, but my freehand sucks.
 So far the Allies are kinda outguned, 1 British foot regiment, one British cav squadron and one austrian cav squadron, vs 3 french infantry regiments, and one and a half french squadrons.

10th Foot, 8th Horse

 So I got my flags, from Flags of War.  I was gonna place my standard barers behind the unit on it's own base, instead I pulled off 2 musketeers and placed the bareres on the main command base. looks much better. So now the unit is finished finished, with colors and all.

I also did the first base of Lord Cavendish Horse, AKA 8th Regiment of Horse.

The cav is again Front rank, I love the front rank cav, but never feel I do them justice. I am quite happy with the horses them self, I tried a mix of black line shading and dry brushing.

Also I'm starting to get an idea of this project now. My french army will be 2 french infantry brigades and 1 bravarian infantry brigade, not sure about the cav yet.

My Allied one will be 1 Anglo-Scotish Brigade, 1 Danish Brigade and 1 Dutch Brigade for infantry.
The cav will be 1 Anglo-Scotish, 1 danish and 1 dutch.

I have even BOUGHT!!! painting refrences, I never do that, atleast 5 years since last time I payed for uniforms refrences. I bought Robert Halls French and Dutch CD books from On military matter. Over $100 for those two with shipping.
 The sun looks happy! Shouldn't it be mad and have it's war face on?
 I had problems guessing what the horse blanket color was, the refrence I used didn't give name to the color, and the picture was ambigious, it was a yellow/orange/brown/golden thing, mabye Brown/golden thing.