Monday, September 16, 2019


So my output this year has been way too low, for the first months I did almost nothing on the blog.
But with my Italian War project, I have now gotten 5 posts out of that project so far.

I am kinda annoyed that I haven't done anything on my GNW project since January.

Anyway here is the first 18 Landsknecht. I hope the unit will grow and grow until it reaches 96 strong.

 I wanted some action in my unit, so first two ranks have levelled pikes/halberds. 
 To protect the pikes the bases are long, but only 4.5mm wide, giving a nice compact look.
I have the figures for the next 18, these have the pikes at an angle. 

Friday, September 13, 2019

Le big boom boom.

Or translated from caveman french;  big cannon.

A standard foundry cannon with crew, this cannon is probably ubiquitous in all Italian war projects in 28mm.

Nothing much to say, I might have overdone the purple, but I wanted to try out my new purple triad.
By far the best cannon carriage I've managed to do.

Next up is mosty likely the last 6 Landsknecht pikes, to complete the front bases for the pike block.
Followed by some men at arms.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

More light greenstuff work.

I wanted some French infantry, so I ordered the French/Tudor dollies designed by Stuart Mulligan and sold by Steel Fist.

The dollies need the same arms as my Italian conversion, so either warlord landsknecht or perry mercenaries with greenstuff.
I also tried to do a hat. 

 And so the end result, 12 figure unit of French Arqebusers.
 They are quite easy to paint, few straps or lots of detail. 
My reactivated Italian Wars project now has 3 finished unit.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Some light greenstuff work.

I was moving into the undiscovered country, as I'm not a huge fan of TAG and TAG has more or less monopoly on the Italian wars(except for Landsknecht and gendarmes) You need to go to TAG to get Italians, French and Spanish. I might have to get the TAG Spanish. but I'll try and keep to others for most other things. So I wanted some Italian infantry, so how do I do that?

Well, First you need a box of Perry Mercenaries, then a box of warlord missle Landsknecht, and then some green stuff.

The result will look like this:

About half the figures just got warlord Landsknecht, the other half got the perry arms, but the perry arms are to plain. So they get some green stuff to puffy them up, get some slashes into them etc. Some just got puffy shoulders, others got full-length puffy arms. A couple of them also got slashed knees.  The heads are a mix of metal perry "Italian heads" and warlord Landsknecht heads.
I tried to stay away from the bearded Landsknecht heads as bearded Italians just seem wrong.

My plan is to use olicanalad home made rules, Hell brake loose.( check out his blog, I know of no other better place to get some italian war inspiration )  So that means the most standard way to represent missile troops is to have them in "skirmish" formation, that means 3 figures on 45x45mm bases.

So small 12 figure units, this is nice given the size of the big pike blocks that in theory might go past 100 figures.

 And here is the end result. 
Not perfect, but given I haven't played with green stuff before, I'm calling this a complete success. 
This is basicly what I wanted to make, and except that the sculpted arms could be better, it ended up for better than I expected. As I was fully prepared this would fail spectacularly. 

None of this is my ide, I've stolen this from various people, but most of all Stuart Mulligan, who has a fantastic blog. 
I have also bought the dollies he made out of steel fist figures, which are now sold from steel fist. 
So soonish I hope to have some French infantry too.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Back to my old stomping grounds.

Well, April 10th was the last time I posted something from my usual neck of the woods(horse and musket) Since then I've done Italian wars, Medieval, a computer game and most uncharacteristically Vietnam. 

Now I'm back, I'm gonna try and do 3 units of Prussians, first up is Markgraf Friedrich von Brandenburg, these are the new and super-secret double probation charging Cuirassiers from Crann Tara, you need to contact Graham to get these, and by need I mean NEED, you must buy these! 

My one problem with Crann Tara/Minden is static poses, especially the cavalry. But these fixes this. 

I've used a long time on these, as I just can't do the complex stuff on the saddlecloth. So I get a little depressed and put them away, I did 6 quite fast, then I gave up and did 3 and now the last 3.
The figures have lovely animation.

 I did them all in black, even if I'm sceptical about the realities of getting some 12 000 black big horses, and then several thousand more within a few weeks of campaigning. But I did them all black anyway, 
 I pitty the Austrians.
 The flag is Maverick models cloth flag.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Just a quick trip to NAM

As has happened before, sometimes you just see some figures you have to have.
This time it was Vietnam US Marines from Empress.
I ordered 12 just as a test taste, and they tasted good.

I ordered a Vietnam paint set from AK, that I really like too.
The first two got 6 or 7 shades for green, I think it looks very good, I tried to simplify the two others with just 4 layers but feel the contrasts became too big. The uniforms could be even lighter, But I feel they get very light OD if you continue to lighten it.  I'll definitely order more to complete the platoon Since they are on single bases, I can use both Chain of command Vietnam rules or bolt action Vietnam rules.

 The figures are very nice, 
Light up the tree line!

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Gendarmes/reactivation of old project.

I had put my Italian wars project more or less in the ground. Did not expect to restart it but here I am.
I did buy some Eurkeka Gendarmes I think two years ago or a year ago? And they had just been in their box, or so I thought as I noticed I was missing 2 of them when I was starting to put the unit together, apparently I had primed two of them over a year ago. So I found them and got my full 8 figure unit done. Because of the detailes, I decided to paint just 1 and 1 of them. So it took a looong time to finish.

They are a lot of work, but I like the metal work, a recipe I got of facebook.

I need to pay attention to my geography, as I accidentally made first a Scottish one, then a greek one.

The flag is just a quick homemade one, to be replaced later.

One problem is that the Eureka figures are tiny, next to the perry and steel fist stuff. So I doubt I'll use more Eureka except maybe doing the Archers for them.