Friday, October 17, 2014

Medievals and News

 Well New period/project. Medieval period, I'm aiming at Mid 13th Century. I'm making a unhistoric norwegian army, with campaign in focus. It will start as a 5000 strong army. It will go to war with Sweden and other countires, But first it will fight the Scots! Norway at this time was at it's biggest, Iceland was part of norway, so was all the islands in the north atlantic. And some of the Scotish ones. There was a war in the 1260s That more or less cast Norway out of the british isles. But what if this war became the main focus for a Norwegian king.  This is the what if. The king will land with his army. Theise are curteys miniatures and they are very good. Have not heard about them before, but they hold up very well. Most of my army will be these spearmen/foot serjants. I have orderd 1 in armor and one it with, but I think for the next time, all will have armor, the unarmord just seems to naked, and given the army is small it would be possible to get some armor for most of them, instead, I'll give uints either mail or gambion(this one is mixed) I'll also havbe crosbowmen, foot knights and mounted knights. Most armies of this period would have a large congiant of mount knights/serjants, but norway is not a cavalry country. So either I'll have 40% spearmen, 20% archers/crossbow 20% foot knights and 20% mounted. Or 30% spear and 30% mounted, not sure yet.
 I'm very happy with theise, good figures, good paint job overall, I liked the off color I got for the undied padded gambions, but also the red color for the colord gambion. the mail I really like, I used a darker metal color(called blackend barrle B) from foundry. I feel mail is often painted way to bright,

 The shields are simple for the most part. the one that is more fancy, is loosly based on the earl of Iceland during this period.
 Here you see well the colors of the gambion and mail, I like theise, Even the undied ones, look good and not do drab. Most of my gambions will be this shade, but now and then a red or blue one might show up.
 My only problem with the figures it: it's very hard to get the spears to sitt in the hands, even with super glue it takes sevral tries for each spear. The unit will be 24 strong.  I also got a unit of foot knights, unarmord spear, unarmord crossbow and mounted knights.

And NOW: on to the really big News, On the Sunday the 12th Exactly one year since our first date, I asked my girlfriend to marry me! She said yes, I had planed on asking her at chirstmas or during New years eve. But I could not hold it in any more, so it became a spur of the monent thing. So I didn't have a ring or anything. We are both very excited. The plan is a summer wedding, we don't know if it means summer 2015 or 2016 yet. All parents in all sides are happy and everything is great. This is a big thing for us both, but we are exicted. And looking forward to spending the rest of our lives togeather.

My Girlfriend comes with paint on, not need to assable and she is 1:1 scale at 1660mm

Monday, September 29, 2014

Hastati Done

 So my Hastati unit is done. I still have enough figures to do another unit.
But I realised I allready have a finished roman legion, and so I could consentrate on my roman allies. So if I have the money next week, I'll order 3 boxes of victrix roman allies a box of hoplite mercs(for pyrrhus) With 3 boxes I could be able to make a full legion 1 unit of triarii 2 of pricipes and two of hastati. And a shitload of velites. I only actualy need 16 velites pr legion.

So This unit is done, 2 hastati. Quite happy with them. And I want to thank Corso from starship pullo forums for his 3 recipes for yellow! They work great.
 While the hail caesar rules actualy prefer the manipular romans to have sevral small unis. For simplicity I simply devide each "line" in a wing. so each normal sized unit, represent 5 manipelers or 600ish soldiers.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Black linothorax test figure

 I normaly don't so single test figures, but I had an idea and only a few hours to test it out. It started when I played rome 2 total war. The game is not historic at all, it's very gamey, but were els do you get to se thousands of people fight. I do play carthage and rome now and then, but I am and allways will be a pikeman. So I prefer to play the hellenic forces, mostly Macedonia, Selucids or Epirus. It's kinda cool watching 3000 pikemen marching is possision. Anyway the original game is not that good, so I play it with mods. and one of the mods I play with ads lots of new units. Most of them somewhat/totaly fancifull. I was playing a battle as Macidona and one of my units had black linothorax with gold trim. looked cool.

So a unit based on a not realistic mod for a none realistic game...
I highly doubt any unit looked anything like this. But they will be my pyrrhic royal guard.
 Black linothorax(painted with very dark gray)
Gold trim and gold plaited shield.
Also gold trim on the sword with black scabard.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

More Romans

 Half done, half done with this unit, today I will start on the second base, with the command figures. The victrix  command figures seems less "epic" in style then say Aventine, that got some very cool command figures, that are super fun to paint,

I have done a few things with the second batch, I feel the faces are much better. Also I knew better how to make the paint more pop out, so on the whole the figures are just more clean and better.  I pulled out the first batch and put them in the second rank So the first rank is now the latest ones.
 I will try and squise 2 units out of each boxs, but I only have 32 shield transfers  and I need 40 figures. With 2-3 command pr unit, that is down to 34 with regular shields, so some of the shields will be all black. But thats good value, for 30 pounds I get 2 units of close order infantry and two units of velties. In metal this would be £70
 But I honestly care more about quality then price, and these are as good as the best metal romans(like aventine)
 I'm very happy with the faces of the new ones, I looked at the faces in like 5000x3000 pixeles, were the nose on the face is almost as big as the whole figure in real life. And still the faces looked good

Monday, September 22, 2014

Victrix roman WIP

 So I started on my Victrix romans, I was quite happy with them,, untill I saw the pictures, 1 their faces looked like crap, and 2 the one of the far left got a dot of metal in his tunic! that last one is easy to fix tho. When I did them, I was more concerned with the shields, but they looked better then I'd thought in daylight. The flesh in general was has to many extremes. The blending of the highlights is not good enough. The theme is light blue, all units in the legion will have light blue feathers and light blue scabard.

 The red was easy to work with, easy to make look good, the "natural linen" not so much.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Gallic Riders

 Well doing a carthaganian army is not really doing much carthaganians. Infact at Cannae Hannibal he did not have any carthaganian cav, it was all, Numidian, Spanish and Celtic/gallic.
And like 60-70% of his infantry was celtic and spanish. So I just have to start on his allies.
First up is 6 gallic cav.  This is first of 4 bases. So this will be a large unit in Hail Caesar. My cav is 6 small 12 standard and 24 large. I have decided to mix the "noble and regular cav, I find it unrealistic for them to be "separate game units"  I will class them as heavy cav, even if about half will not have armor by the end. I plan on two callic and 2 spanish units for this division. Then the second division will be only numidians(like at Cannae) not sure how that will with in hail ceaser tho. I also got my victrix romans, I think I'll be able to make 2 units of hastati from it.

My proudest moment in life, I managed plaid trousers! that I keep seeing people paint celts with. yet when I search for celtic plaid I only get kits and Scottish drap, not other celtic peoples plaid clothing.

Unit is a mix of armord with sword and unarmord with spear. I'll add a command more unarmord with spears and some armord with spears.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Cartago Part 2

 So finished another 10 from last post. These are better. more detail on the mail. Did the command to, one trumpter and two officers. one in black and one in brown leather. The trumpter is in white and purple linothorax. Purple is the "theme" of the unit. Some of the shield do not have a motive on them, instead they got DREID BLOOD! oooohohhoh!
 Black leather dude.
 Brown leather dude
 The unit is half done. 15 of 30. I know I have more figures some were, I saw them just a few weeks ago, but now I can't find them.

I like these, they  look good, the mail looks much better with just a thin layer of primer ontop and light brushes of metal.