Thursday, April 27, 2017

2nd Dragoons(Scots greys)

 So the  Scots Greys have been a favorite of mine for a long time, but not because of Waterloo, where they, after all,  behaved like idiots and got a massive casualty rate because of it.
No, it's because of they service mostly during the WSS but also SYW.
I  plan on doing the regiments for both  those periods(and yes for Waterloo  too)
First up is the WAS/SYW period versions. The miniatures are the wonderful Crann Tara.

I'm quite happy with the troopers but the horses didn't turn out well, I hate to paint white/gray horses. After trying several different techniques like dry brush I decided to try water downed paint. Sadly the highlights didn't have a big enough contrast and so the details get washed out. But I got the taste for it.  And I'll keep at it,  I've done 4 more horses now and I  think the results are already better.

Next up is the Austrian dragoons(with the aforementioned horses) And I went all out with those. (more on that later)

Friday, March 24, 2017

Numidian cavarly

So  I finished these 2 "small" units for Hail Ceasar. They are the lovely Victrix plastic set.

 I started out painting  them in the classic but wrong dark African skin  tone,

 But after seeing how other did north African skin, I  managed to find a way. In the end, the skin was made with  Foundry  Chestnut A and B then Citadel Agrax Earth shade, then a second highlight of Chestnut B.
 It did take a couple of tries to find the right color, So, in the end, there is 4 different skin colors in this unit.

I'm kinda anciented out now, I have to try and finish my elephant and Spanish cavalry.  But I mostly want to get back to my  18th-century projects. Not sure if GNW or SYW will be first out.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Allied Principes

 I had to check my  post about planes for the year to see if I actually mentioned I wanted to do Ancients, and yes I  did!

I  painted some 250-300 ancients before I moved, they did survive the move, but through the last 2-3 years moving the boxes as I was looking for other boxes etc. They got weaker, and the box finally   gave out, taking out over 50% of them. I  lost all my romans except some velites and one triarii unit.
I also lost my Tarentine cavalry, my thuroperos.

The survivors are  Geroge the Elephant, my two units of phalangites, the aforementioned roman units and a unit of Carthaginian veterans. So I'm trying to save them by stripping them and repainting them. I'm now working on one such unit some roman cav.
But I also got some spare unpainted stuff laying around. And I managed to get aa unit of allied principes done. No shield decals sadly. So instead I went with the M&M approach. Also, they seem to have the same mix of colors as the new colour coded Daleks.

Quite a lot of work on these, I think they take 50-100%  longer than my GNW figures, lots of little details.

I've also given up on the "few big bases" approach for my ancients and instead gone with  my now standard base side of 60x60mm

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Regiment Stainau

I'm a bit annoyed, I'm very happy with how the battalion turned out, but the sun was too strong,  and much of the detail got washed out, and the kinda look like they have gloss varnish on them....

20 figures from Warfare miniatures, with warfare flags.
A  good looking unit, with red, white and green, colors, and green and white flags.

This brings my Allied army up to 6 battalions and 7 squadrons(BLB squadrons so  that would be 14 real squadrons) 

I'm taking  it easy the next days, I 'll work  on a Saxon  gun, while waiting for my next delivery from Warfare

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

We're at 50% strength

So some 15 months after starting the project, I'm half done!
This was my first goal when I started, I rarely do I get this far in my project, It's not a great force, 54 cavalry in 9 squadrons, 66 infantry in 3 battalions and 3 generals.

All the cavalry are Warfare, two of the battalions are also warfare, one of the battalions are Footsore/Musketeer miniatures. The generals are Ebor. All flags are warfare too.

At full strength, this would be 1800 infantry and 2250 cavalry.

The units are Småland cavalry regiment and a single squadron of Drabants.
Infantry are Jönkjöping, Björnborg and Kalmar.

The next half will be an almost mirror of this, with maybe an extra infantry battalion.

I know Gylldenstierna dragoons and lifeguard cavalry regiment will be most of the cavalry, while lifeguard infantry will have one battalion represented. I also think Västerbottens regiment will show up.

It looks  like quite a few figures, but really it's only 123.

3 brigades, one of 24 cavalry, one of 30 cavalry and an infantry brigade of 66 figures.

The big flags does help with the look!

Left flank cavalry brigadier

Infantry brigadier

Right flank cavalry brigadier.

I'm now working on some footsore/musketeer miniature Russians, I'm not a fan of the figures, but I have 2 battalions worth of them, and that's like £60+ worth of miniatures, and I'm too poor to waste that money. Also, I have a battalion of Russians on the way from warfare, And so that will give me a brigade of Russians.

So half way there.

Friday, January 27, 2017


So Småland regiment was the first unit I started when I started on my  new GNW project,  this was back in November 2015. And now well over a  year later, the regiment is done.

Now being as giant as it is, it will be split into two brigades.

48 Swedish cav thundering over the terrain tile! 

The figures are of course all Warfare, and I got 6 left, that I'll paint as Drabants.

Sea of blue and yellow!

Warfare will soon release new packs of Swedish cavalry with new horses. So the other half of my Swedish cavalry force will be made with those.

That half with be 24 Gyldenstjerna Dragoons and 30 Livregimentet til hest. 

The regiment takes up more than 3 tiles in breath when deployed in line.

So I besides the 6 cavalry I need 3 command and my Swedish force  will be half done.

Up next is some more Saxon cavalry.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Review Warfare Miniatures "model cavarly regiment" part 2

So not a proper review, just showing you what else can be made with it.

Last  time I showed 18 Saxons, with their mix of floppy hats and  tricorns, with cuirass under the coat.

Well here you  have the same deal but painted as 18 Danes,  this time all tricrones with front and back  plate over the coat. Also they are painted with buff coats.

These poor guys have been almost done for months, by the end of September I had 15 of them bases and ready to go but the last 3 lingered primed but not painted. So yesterday I   painted the horsies and today the troopers. Even had time to take them out for a photoshoot.

They look ok, I'm half way satisfied with  the buff coats, but lets just say,  they are kinda drab, next to those red coated Saxons or Blue coated swedes. 

They are painted as 2nd Sjælandske, And it's to  big,  my regiments have a tendency to be too big. This is 3 squadrons, while I've only found them fielded as two squadrons. To add to that, BLB  squadrons are the same as two real squadrons. So this unit isn't one squadron to big, but 4 squadrons to big. 

In the end it looks quite nice, I'm overall happy with  them. And  even  tho it's kinda drab colorwise, they are kinda at the same time striking in the buff coats. 

But it was cold and they needed to huddle togeather for warmth. So I brought out their friends.

My Forces so far to stand against the Swedes. 36 cavalry, 54 infantry and  1 commander.
I still have  12 Saxon cav and 20 Saxon infantry waiting to be painted. 

Of course this is just a fraction of the planned army. With at least 9 battalions and some 20++ Squadrons planned. To face the Swedes.