Thursday, November 16, 2017

Deploy the Wasp-Cammoflage

So after almost 200 Napoleonic figures and a record-breaking 9 blog posts in a row about the same period. It's time to get back to GNW.

I got plenty to paint, two Swedish, one Russian, one Saxon battalion, as well as one squadron of Saxon dragoons, I also got some Polish Hussars in the work. Warfare is hopefully close to the release of Swedish and Russian cavalry.

I decided to start with a Saxon cannon. I had finished the cannon before I jumped over to Napoleonics, but I did get a few hints and tricks doing the French artillery, I wanted to use those on the Saxon gun, So the gun got a short dip in acetone and got repainted.
So managed to do the gun and crew yesterday and finished the base today.

 The cannon is massive, I think it's a 12pdr, it's front rank and I bought it in like 2012 or something. So I don't remember if it was the 12 or 24pdr I bought, I think it's the 12. 
 But Front Rank are kinda over scale, and so a 12pdr front rank next to Warfare crew turns the 12pdr into a 16pdr. 
So this Wasp got at a minimum a 12pdr sting. 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

48th ligne.

And another battalion is added to the Napoleonic project, the 1st battalion of the 48th.
I did plan on having this be the 2nd battalion of the 33rd, But these are the Front Rank reinforcement packs, and while not as extreme as the earlier FR they are still not really that close to perry, more in sculpting style and movement than actual size. So they became the 48th.

This is the 9th blog post in a row that is Napoleonic themed. Since my last post, I did finish the 3rd gun(a howitzer but didn't bother making a blog post for it)

I'm working my way through some Prussian grenadiers now, and I think they'll look good.
BUT I am suffering from Napoleonic fatigue now, my mind wanders to SYW, Great Northern war and WSS, Warfare has released quite a bit these last few months, even some random talk about AWI on facebook as made me think about that period again and even ACW.

We'll see, I've been a good boy now, I might deserve to do some other stuff, 9 blog post from the same period is unheard of on this blog, at least for several years. When I finish the Grenadiers I'll have painted 192 Napoleonic figures, except for 21 of them in June or July, all other have been painted since September.

Anyway here is the 1st battalion 48th Ligne.
The Front rank figures are the very opposite of Perry, these are very well sculpted with clean sculpts and NO MISSING CUFFS! But they are very stiff, the Perry brothers are masters at the animation, while these are clean and very easy to paint, they are kinda boring? Like they are simply marching on a sunny day, going out for a picnic.

 Here is the howitzer, Victrix plastic crew with Eureka Howitzer.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Artillerie a Pied

Second battery for Friant's Division done.
Another small one, 2 4pdrs represented by a single gun with crew.

The gun is Perry from their Egypt Range while the artillerists are Brigade games, since the brigade games ones are really Revolution range, they are missing the pompoms and they all have mustaches.

This was the first brigade games french I've painted, these are very nice and take to my painting style well.
The gun was great, and I think I've gotten the hang of the new technique for the tube.

I've now finished 2 out of three batteries for Fraint's Division, but the last battery will be 3 guns. So I'm not halfway in actual guns and crew to paint.

 I like open big bases, lets me do some gardening. 
 I had to try and not go overboard with the terrain, I didn't pay attention and almost put a big log right behind the gun, that wouldn't be stupid. 
The log is grapevine with some paint, and so is the little tree but with added foliage. 

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Moscow Dragoons

I've done 2 out of 3 squadrons now, I was planning on doing all 3 squadrons before I posted them, but I'm kinda bored with them, so I'll so some French, Prussian and Russian infantry before doing the last squadron. In the end, I want all 5 Squadrons for this regiment.

So I've started on 6 French line infantry, I have 2 bases done from some time back and hopefully, I'll be able to finish this battalion in now too distant future.

Those 1805 Russians somehow manage to make mostly green and grey uniforms to be very colorful, it helps with the pink&rose facings but adding those white, red and orange "caterpillars" to the command helmets helps a lot too.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Artillerie à cheval

After I posted my last blog post I realized I had actually posted 5 posts in one month. It's a very long time since I've had that kinda blog productivity. Not only that but this was also the first time in a very long time I've posted 5 posts from the same period without any other periods getting squeezed in between. And now a 6th! post in a row that is Napoleonic.

This is my first "conversion", not a proper one, just a headswap, it's my first headswap.
The figures are Perry Artillerie a cheval from their Egypt range, I murdered them using a guillotine(they are French after all) And then glued on some heads from the Perry Plastic hussar box I had left over from the Chasseur a cheval thing. 
The collars did get a little screwy, but it looks ok.
The Perry figures are superb, I did criticize the Perry infantry in bicornes, but these are fantastic, lots of detail, lots of folds to for me to work with. And easy to paint(not a given with Perry)

The gun is Brigade games 8pdr which I had a lot of trouble with, it has no woodgrain, and so I had big problems making it look good(not that I'm very good with guns with woodgrain)
On the other hand, I'm quite happy with the tube, I got some painting tips from someone of TMP, it was a nice little technique and while I didn't get it quite right, it is one of the better tubes I've painted,.

 I like these, the French really knew how to do uniforms!
 The base is a little too small, but my next bigger base is way to big.
Dark blue and red are one of the best combos in color there is.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

As promised

So the first battalion for my 1806 Prussians is done.

It's regiment Nr 33 Alvensleben(which for me sound like a pretend German word, one you just make up to make something sound German, like adding "sky" to end of words to make it sound Russian) But it's a common name aristocratic family name.

I don't know much about the regiment, it was part of  GL Friedrich-Wilhelm-Karl Schmettau division at Auerstadt, But I don't know how much it took part in the battle, nor which French division(s) it faced.

The regiment is faced white, so lots of white on these. White and blue can be quite striking, maybe not as colorful as the orange or rose faced regiments(don't worry they are coming) But still very striking.

The figures are from Three Armies, a relatively new company concentrating on the early part of the Napoleonic Wars(a sorely overlooked period of the Napoleonic period) Micheal Percy also makes later period French and British, making other missing things like British in greatcoats.

He now has early french line infantry, 1806 Prussian infantry, and 1808 Spanish infantry. With early Austrians and Russians in the works.

I like these figures, they are quite different from my usual stuff, there are very few folds in the uniform, making it hard for me to shade and highlight. I simply don't have the technique to paint these well yet. But I'll practice. The second thing I need to work on is the faces still haven't "got" them yet.

I also need to find a better beige triad, I could not get those trousers the way I wanted them!

Anyway, I really like these, and I have placed a second order. Which will let me finish the brigade Alvensleben was part of.

Out walking in the sun!
 I do kinda feel the officer sick a little out, he is really learning while the others are just marching, the officer looks like he is marching into a hail of shot and shell while the others are on a Sunday walk. 
The red musket straps really help bring out some color. 

Friday, October 6, 2017

1er régiment de chasseurs à cheval

WOW 4 units from the same period in a row. Must be a record!

This is the 1st Chasseur a cheval, using Perry plastic French hussars.
Some very very very light conversion work here, it concisted of chopping of the plume and glueing it on the side of the shako, and than  painting the shako red, It's not an exact copy of the shako used by the 1st during the 1805-1807 period.
I did this unit for 3 reasons.
1. Chasseurs need some love, often the Hussars and heavy cavalry get all the glory. But it was the Chasseurs and Dragoons that did the heavy work on campaign.
2. The 1st can be made with the hussar box as they had braids.
3. The 1st was a "favorite" of Davout and he kept the regiment with his corps from 1805-1813. And since I'm working on the 3rd corps it's fitting.

It's a very half-assed conversion, I didn't do anything to hide the barrel sash, simply painted over it, I did get help as the saddle and stuff hide much of this stuff.

It's an ok looking unit, I think I did better on my dragoons. But I generally do, do better work on metal.

I also realized that all my cavalry is green, first french dragoons, and chasseurs, and soon I'll receive some Russian dragoons, more green.
I need some French cuirassiers or carabiners and some Prussian/Russian cuirassiers and hussars and Prussian dragoons(which aren't green)

 There was 3 squadrons of this regiment at Auerstadt and Eylau so I might do 6 more.
 The horses were real hit and miss, the white one is fugly as hell. But the last 3 I did looked quite ok.
I keep the horses on the elite company black but did not keep to the "squadron" color scheme on the other horses. 

I received my Prussian and French from Three Armies today, this is 2 battalions of Prussians and 1 of French