Thursday, July 30, 2020

I finished the 3rd battalion of Belzunce/Rougé. 
I used 3 and a half years doing the second battalion, but it "only" took me 8 months to do the 3rd battalion, I hope to finish the 4th before the year is over.

Not happy with the pictures at all, most turned out very blurry, it was raining and sunny at the same time, "perfect" for taking pictures.

 Naturally, the 1st battalion should be on the right, but since I painted that one now about 4 years ago. It doesn't really match my current style. So I had to hide it. 

I'll try and finish my British grenadiers and some mounted officers.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

15th Legere and Kister's brigade.

Gergoes Kister's Brigade at Austerliz, in Friant's 2nd Divsion of Davout's 3rd Corps.

 I had originally painted the line regiment as the 108, which was in its own brigade. But I decided to use 2mm think bases, as I feel 3mm is a little much for 10mm. But the post is slow and warbases were a little slow.

So they haven't shown up. And since I wanted the same bases for the whole brigade, I redesignated the 108 into 33rd and put it with the 15th legere to make Kister's brigade. So now I have to wait for the 2mm bases so I can paint the 108th again.

I also need to paint some more skirmish bases so the 15th legere can be parcelled out as either a bigger skirmish screen or as independent skirmishers.

 15th Legere, at Austerlitz this was bearly 300 strong with the combined two battalions.
Fun to paint, I feel the blue I use work great for 10mm, it would be too light for 28mm. 
 Skirmishers out in front.
 15th Legere in line, behind the skirmishers and the 33rd in columns behind.
Whole brigade line upfront.

Can't do much more until I get bases. I don't have enough 3mm even if I wanted to continue with the thicker bases. I have been working on some artillery. Might try and finish that. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

The 3rd Dragoons

So these are the reason I started my 28mm Peninsula project, I've been waiting and waiting for Perry to do the earlier British dragoons. And when they said they were gonna do them soonish, I decided to jump on the Peninsula War bandwagon. Perry have several versions, But I choose to put mine in regulation uniform, Anyone of my troopers caught with none proper uniform will be flogged until I see bone. Proper cavalry use hats, helmets are for girls training with their pony. 

I painted them as the 3rd dragoons, who together with 4th dragoons and 5th Dragoon Guards made up Le Marchant's heavy brigade. I plan on doing all 3 regiments at roughly 1:20 scale. The regiments end up being "uneven" with like 15 or 16 figure units. So I think I'll expand 1  regiment to 24 figures while keeping the others 12. Which means 48 figures, which is a little smaller than the 54 I think the whole brigade would be at 1:20. None of the rules I have really deals with single squadrons. And one of the 3 regiments are really big enough for them to warrant being "big" 
 I like them, but sadly I feel the pictures don't really do them justice, they look better in the hands.

 They look spiffy with their blue facings and yellow lace.
 It's not that easy finding info on these earlier dragoons, at least not online for free as most stuff you find just deals with the later ones in helmets.

Now I'm gonna try and finish that french battalion I started on 6 months ago, just 1 base left to do.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Glory to the great northern war.

Well, 5 years after I started I've collected all my GNW painted forces and put them on the table. 
No game, as I'm waiting for appropriate dice, and I need more generals. 

I put my flayed teddybear on top of my old not very nice terrain tiles. The tiles weren't properly taken care of, so the flocking has disappeared on most of them. But the road parts are still working and so are the rivers. I cut the fur where it was needed, Some places the terrain tiles were exchanged for styrofoam so I could put trees into them. the trees are woodland scenics. I drilled holes in the bottom and glued two cut-up wire spears into the holes. So I just shove them through the mat into the styrofoam. I think the rivers need to be dazzled up a little, so I'll pour some woodland scenics water on them at a later date. 

 With some cutting my 5x7 feet teddy mat, it covered my 4x8 table.
 The Swedish being Swedish has decided to charge 8 enemy squadrons, 4 battalions and a cannon with 10 squadrons of cavalry.
 The Saxons have hidden themself behind a river crossing. 3 battalions are supported by two squadrons of Goltz dragoons and a big 16pdr cannon.
 Grendiers and cannon ready for the Swedes. 
Danish will have the "honour" of dealing with most of the Swedish infantry. Unlike the Saxons with their river and the russians with their stonewall. The Danes only have some woods.

 Russians have backup of both Saxon and Danish cavalry. It's not easy standing up to 3000+ Swedish cavalry. 

 The Swedish look ready to Gå på!

 The Danish have put their Livgarden til fods and grenadier korpset in their front line. Hoping their best battalions will stand up to the Swedish onslaught. 
Johann Matthias von der Schulenburg looking confidant. 

 To take on the Saxons hiding behind their river. You got the elites. The Drabants, followed by the liv garden til hest, and the liv dragonerna as reserves. Liv dragonerne is by har the most powerful unit on the table. With 2 squadrons, being veteran, elite blade and Swedish they are worth 7 points in BLB3.
For reference, the danish 2nd Sjælandske is 50% larger and still only has 6 points.  7 points is also more than all 4 Russian battalions combined. But if the 3 guard cavalry units can't handle the Saxons, they might get support from the Björnborg battalion, which was placed there as a lynchpin between the right flank cavalry and the centre infantry. 

 The Standards blowing in the wind, drums and cronets blowing...

It's time to GÅ PÅ!

I plan on running this game, once my dice have come and I get like at least 10 generals done.(and Maybe a squadron of Russian dragoons)

Monday, June 22, 2020

I have a table! 

It's been over 7 years since the last table shoot. 
Sadly it rained(when it wasn't supposed to) So I had to pack down everything, And so the photos weren't the way I wanted them. I also had to edit out a rather fugly pink tent the wife had put up in the garden to paint some garden furniture. 

 This is put up with one side being Anglo-Hanoverian and Prussian vs French and Austrian.

French behind a stone fence, looking down the Anglo-Allied cavalry.

 The table is sparse with vegetation, I need to get more of my trees up and running. But even so, just having a few hills made it hard to depoly the troops 

 The Austrian defending the top of a hill, with French cavalry in reserve. I found 3 french squadrons didn't have their bases finished. So I had to photoshop the bases.
 Austrian Croats, don't what they do best, holding woods.
 The Prussians

 The Anglo-Hanoverians.

 The camera was not helpful and so several pictures were totally out of focus, so the Austrian cavalry didn't even get one picture. But they are there. 

Sunday, June 21, 2020

I finished a brigade!

Ok, so I cheated a little, first, it's 10mm, so doesn't really count, second, it's only 1 regiment strong.
And not even a big regiment, just two battalions. The 108th fought as it's own small brigade in the 1805-1807 period, in Friant's 2nd division is Davout's 3rd corps. At Austerlitz, the whole brigade was a giant 800 men! At that battle, it had support from two small legere companies. Totalling 70 men. 
I'll give them an extra skirmish base. To add to their 2 skirmish bases, once I get some skirmish figures.
The brigadier is Étienne Heudelet de Bierre at Austerlitz and Louis Joseph Grandeau at Auerstedt and Eylau. 

 The miniatures are Lancer, and very nice they are.

In other news, I'm working on setting up an outside table, I got a plywood board that's 4x8 feet. I need to do some carpentering, but maybe a nice big photoshoot on Tuesday.

Thursday, June 11, 2020

46th Ohio

46th Ohio was in McDowell's brigade in Sherman's 5th division.  They were the far left flank of Grant's army at Shiloh. 
In 1864 the regiment was supplied with Spencer repeating rifles.

Figures are Good Ground.