Thursday, July 31, 2008

first post, apartment, ACW and table

Wellcome to the First post in my new blog, fist an explanation of the name, it's i kinda a homage to Lord Ashram's House of war. Now that I got my own apartment, I thought I would start a new blog, so as a Homage or you migh say total ripoff of House of war, I decided to call my new blog Apartment of war, as I think Ashrams blog is the best out there. I hope he takes it with good spirit and not as some crazy stalker thing.Today I will make three post, one about my new apartment, one of my new figure stand, and finaly about my new table.
My apartment is 28.5 m2, which isn't much, but bigger then my 7m2 room I live in now.
I havn't moved in yet, as I'm house sitting and dog sitting, but by mid august I'll be all moved in.
Here's some art for my wall, as it's a wargaming apartment I thought it needed some war in it.

Here's my bed, under the crap

My new sofa

Half my DvD's rest is in boxes

and here's my "kichen"


Author said...

Looks great! Perfect size, and I am sure it will look even nicer full of toy soldiers:D


Gunfreak said...

yeah it looks good, I was plaing on puting all me AWI figs on it tomorrow and taking some pics.

it's only about a 100 figs but it will help.

oh, and you have seen my new ACW figs?