Thursday, July 31, 2008


The table is 6.5feet time 4feet, it takes up half my apartment, but if you're a wargamer you're a wargamer, so damn my perents that says I can't fill the apartment with a huge table. it's actualy 2 ikea tables puched together.
my dusty river, just though alot of stuff on the table, some stone fences, some rivers a few bridges ect.

here you can see it in all it's glory, rivers, roads, fences are terrain guy stuff the big tree's are from a model railroad store, the smaler trees with hedges and the hedges are from terra firma, the hills are some cheap GW stuff, I want to get some teddybear fur to make some fields.

The house is from grand manor, and don't let the hackjob paint job I did fool you, their stuff is fantastisc, I have some WW2 trenches from them, that they painted and it looks perfect.

wll those are my 3 first post in this new blog, I will update my old one to. atleat untill my first year as a wargamer is over

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