Thursday, August 21, 2008

test game

A little test game to learn the GaG rules
This is the layout of the table for the "game"
This game is just to learn the rules, there are no commanders in this test, so the regiments move on their own.
I wanted to make test as unbiased as possible, so I lest the dice decide which side would start, and how many turns that side has on the table before the other side enters the field.

The Rebs won the dice roll, and got 4 turns to possision themself.
After 4 turns, this is how they were deployed.
Here the union enter
The rebs and yankies move to meet eachother.
The 1st battalion of the 26th N. Carolina move past the corn field to meet the 121st Pennsylvania.
After some movement, all sides open fire, they duke it out for sevral truns
After 4 turns of fire, both union regiments retreat, and finnaly rout.
I didn't see the point of have a last stand with the union gun, and just ended the game thier.
the end result was never in doubt. the rebs had just to manye men, and they got all the breaks with the dice, they got the good side of the table, 4 truns to possision them self on it, and then the fire started they got alot more eyes of the dice then the union.
the only chance the union had was if the 121st could have pushed the 26th N. carolina back, and taken the 11th N. Carolina in the flank, it would be the only way for the union to take out that huge regiment of 32 figs. but it never happend.
Next test, will be with commanders, and I'll let the union get into good posssions and see of the rebs can pry them out of it


Author said...

Looks good; the wheat field in particular is looking sharp!

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