Sunday, September 7, 2008

15mm French on temporary bases

Here's what Iv'e been doing for the last 9 days, 6 formations(battalions) of French, 2 Legere and 4 Linge, about 180 figs in total, I still have 3 more battalions to make and some officers aswell as artillery with crew. the are just glued to some cork, while I wait for my litko bases. there will be 6 to a 30mmx30mm base, so you get a realy massed feeling and you can get alot of figs on the table.


Dave Gamer said...

I have my ACW figs mounted 6 on 1.25" x 1.25" square bases. One thing I've noticed is that while playing the game, you don' really see the individual figs when they are crammed all together like that - you just see a bunch of bayonets and the unit flag.

I'm now shifting to 30mm square bases but only 4 infantry (or 2 cavalry) figs per base. It helps show off the figs a bit better (although you lose the mass effect). Of course, the main reason I'm cutting back the # of figures is that over the past year or so I just don't have that much time to paint anymore, and I have a lot of unpainted lead in several periods. I'd rather go with less figs than not have anything ready to play with...

Gunfreak said...

yay, a comment.
I realy don't think my figs look good enough to stand alone, they kinda need the mass effekt to look good