Monday, December 22, 2008

Teaching myself to paint part 2

This is my second atempt, this time I went with brown trousers, the resault is alot more subtile then white/grey.
First a layer of dark earth brown, then a lighter Beige brown over.

I'm happy with the trousers, not so much on the coat.
The Straps have to much black, I tried to make them thinner but then they either disapeard alltogeather or they ended up like you see in the pics to think.
It's not finished yet, I still have some tuch ups to do
The whole fig was harder to paint as becasue of the position of the soldier.
I did do the white coat in grey again before I did it in white. left som grey shadows in the elbow and under the small pockets on the waist coat.

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