Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Scale Creep

Well look at this a big as 70mm figs has pushed his way into this blog, sure he dosn't look any better then what most people do with 28mm, but it was still fun to paint him

The trousers didn't come out well, as even tho they are just dark blue, the black shadeing didn't show.

Also the details on the sleeves didn't work out either.

The dark red used to shade the jacket was a bit to dark,

The deep red worked fin in the deep folds, but not as well in the more shallow pits in the jacket, I tried to mix the red to make it less agresive but the resault was only half good.

The face came out better then any other face I've done, but since it was so big I would have been suprised if it didn't, still I have seen 15mm faces better done then this. I used two diffrent flesh colors and some inks. with darker flesh on they cheeks, chin and also on the knokels on the hand.
Overall a good figs, probebly my best but again at 70mm it would have been supriseing if it wasn't.

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