Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ok, Change in planes

Since both the royal mail services(UK and Norwegien) are slow mofo's I havn't gotten any of my big project orders, which more or less ruined the weekend for me.
So the 400 by sunday night is out, but because I have to paint someting or I'll get impluses to buy more figs. I've decided to paint up the 7YW figs I have, WHICH mean I'm officaly ressurecting my Minden project but in 6mm instead of 15mm.
Which is fine, as I didn't feel I got the 7yw 15mm figs good, and I obiouvsly don't have room(or realy the money) to do it in 28mm.

I'll use the exact same bases as I did for 15mm, just doubleing the number of figs on them, so 20 figs pr. base and 40 total in each infantry unit, 10 x2 cav and 2 guns with 4 crew each for guns.
This more or less doubles the battle in number of figs, while taking the same space, which means that by the time I'm done 1591 figs and 20 model guns.
I don't have that many figs in 7yw style as I just bought a few on wim, I have painted 2 allied infantry units(80) a i'm working on a thrid now. And have one allied cavalry unit done.(20)
I have enough figs for 1 more cavalry unit of 20, That means I would have done 160 allied figs when done, out of 628 or 22%
I have just primed a Saxon unit, and have enough figs for 2 more infantry units(80) and two cavalry units of 20 each.
Again thats 140 figs, but the french has a lot more figs. So the 140 is out of 964 figs. Or around 14% In total I would have painted 280(if I paint the all this weekend, which I doubt I'll do)
or 17.5% which would be good concidering that I wasn't planing on doing this project at all.
But again I doubt I'll paint them all as I don't have the same passion for this project as for the other two.
I'll finish the allied unit i'm doing own, and the first of the saxon units to day and see were it goes from there.


Michael said...

Good practice though for getting your uber quick painting method sorted.

Gunfreak said...

Yeah, Iv'e learned the dab and draw.

Most parts can just be dabed on, like the schacel, skin, facings ect.

The other method I use is draw, you just draw a snigle line of paint, this works for gaitors, straps, muskets.

The thing that takes time is bayonet as it has a bigger surface aria so you have to go over it sevral times, and the hat. the hat and boynet takes like 50% of the time. it takes to paint.
The problem is that now that I got sevral houndred 7yw 6mm figs I kinda HAVE to cuntinue the project.
But that's not untill after I make some serious holes in the pile of lead I'll hopefully get next week