Friday, August 7, 2009


Ok, I'm technacly on vacation, tho my vecation is more work then my regular life.
As I have to take care of my half paralized dog and two love parrots.
I like my dog, as I havn't had this much time with her since I moved out last August.
But now I have all day with her and she sleeps in my bed at night.

But I still got a little stuff done this past week.
2 divions of french infantry for minden, pluss Hanoverian Guards and hopefully by tomorrow hanoverian kurassirs.
for a total of 5 complete divions for my minden project. to french infantry one french cav, one anglo allied infantry divion and one cav divion.
Still a long way to go, but I have painted about 620 out of the 1500ish for the whole project.
So about half way there it also brings the total of 6mm figs painted in about a month to 1958.

Gruechy's french infantry divion with 4 brigades.

Beaupreau's infantry divion with two brigades

Hanoverian Guard, for Sporken's divion, the two british brigades are done at home

Also started work on some papr terrain buildings, from their european village set.

And finnaly I've finished the cards for The couldn't hit an elephant rules for my upcomming ACW project(oh forgot to say, I have a ACW project coming up, with Adler figs, aslo a second nappy project also with adler

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lekw said...

Great looking figures. Keep up the good work!!!