Sunday, October 11, 2009

20mm Airborne

Ok, finnaly got my 20mm Fantassin WW2 figs.
They are quite good, lots of detail and gear, but the figs are a bit crude, sharp edges ect.
You do realy have lots of detail, compeard to the 28mm figs I've done before. you got suspenders, mussete bag, E-Tool, even trench knife on their leg, it's very cool for me, as I got all this stuff in my closet.
I painted them the same way I painted the 28mm, but the shadeing didn't show up very well on the pics.
Also the big big thing I like about 20mm is that they look right, the guns are closer to real size, so are hands and heads ect. the look like people and not some freak with a AA cannon in the hands


Andy McMaster said...

They're looking pretty good. I keep meaning to try some of the Fantassin 15mm Ancients so seeing others of theirs helps.

Your painting is really coming along. It's been great watching the styles develop over the last year or so.

Keep up the good work!


James said...

You realize that one "paratrooper" dude will be lugging around a 500 pound rock for the duration of the campaign, right? :)