Saturday, December 5, 2009

Say hallo to My not so little friends

Ok, first of 4 bases of 23rd fusiliers, in their not so realistic fusilier cap and 1768 warrent cut uniform.
But hell it looks good.

Takeing a stroll down the road.

I think they look kinda good, this is the command base, back is two ensigns and a sergant.

I tried a combanation of colors on the white that I saw over at GDB forum.
Instead of white with gray to shade, I based the white parts with bone instead with white over.
I think it worked out well, I never got the hang the gray/white mix, the gray was either to light or two dark, never got the right shade even tho I got like 10 diffrent shades of gray non looked right.

Resting in the shade of the trees
They do look quite good that this distance.
Thought it was time for some pics as It's been some time.

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