Saturday, September 18, 2010

An idea and lots of pictures

Well really the pictures are realy just an excuse to post my idea. I was hopeing to get some flags from Maveric, but I guess they'll show up on Monday.

Anyway before the pictures the idea.

I'm working on my french and british forces, and as usual I get a head of my self, and get grand idees. My french peninsual force will be the same as my borodino except, the heavy cav briade is exchanged for a dragoon brigade.
So the force will be the BIG division of 3 brigades a total of 15 battalions, it will have two batteries, then it will have a cav divsion of two brigades, one dragoon and one light, and a horse battery.

To appose them will be three divsions of Anglo-Portugese, the 4th and light division, and a cav division, again the cav division will have two brigades, one light with light dragoons and hussars, and one of heavy dragoons. The british will have two batteries, one 9pder, and one 6pdr horse artillery,

Now this is quite intresting makeup, 1: it got ALOT of cav, each brigade will be about 1000 troopers on both sides, now the 1000 heavy dragoons on the british side, will be a big player, if used right it will do alot of damige, but this means for a peninsula game of this size it has alot of cav, about 4000 cav, with just 1440ish infantry, thats 27% cavalry, thats alot for a peninsula game, or in figures, about 720 infantry 200+ cavalry, it will be showy.

But this is just boring numbers, now to the idea, with this force, I'm gonna solo a game, 3 times, with the exact same makeup, but with 3 diffrent rules, I'm gonna try and make each unit have more or less the same quality, even tho the 3 rules all have slightly diffrent ways of giving quality to units. the deployment and and plans for battale will be the same, since this is solo, and I have not done anything to the rules to make it random for a solo player, each game should be played the same way. so only the calculations and diffrent take from each rules will differ.
How will a elite unit in RtE do in the exact same situation as an Elite unit in General De brigade ect.

This is more a test then a real game game, the rules to be used are Republic to Empire(with ranges changed for 15mm) General De brigade and Carnage and Glory II Napoleoinc version.
All 3 rules are what I call on the realistic side, they are not simulators but they all deffently aim at making a more realistic less gamey , now there is nothing wrong with gamey, Lasalle is a great game, but this test is for the more realistic versions, I realy like all 3 rules, they all got stuff I like.

But as I said, I got a head of my self, so far I have 1!!! british battalion done, and 2 french cav regiments so there is about 30 battalions left to do pluss cav, generals and artillery.

So this plan won't get tried for sevral decades, we can only hope that i remember it by then.

Now after having bored you, and you having to suffer though my spelling mistakes, I reward to you with some badly painted figures. ON MASSE

The flag is the only thing missing, a unit that looks better then I first thought it would.

My first 1812 russians, they did not turn out as well as I had hoped, my brush started to give out, and I don't have any spare. Also as I painted 17 at the time and it started to get late last night my skills started to go down.

But they look pefectly ok.

Now to the good stuff, all 393 of my AB Napoleonics
Mostly 1807 french and russians, but some of the cav will stand in for later period cav.
Actualy I just remember I forgot my Prussians, so I have 429 AB painted.

Tried to get some cool angles.

Sorry for waisting your time.


Michael said...

Good heavens, do you paint in your sleep?!

That is loads of men!

Gunfreak said...

No not realy, I even sleep 12 hours a day at times, but I can usualy do 1 unit of 24 in two days, a unit of 32-36 in 3 days ect.

This is just what I've painted this years, I started around feburary, then stopped in april, did some 6mm, then some 28mm, now back to 15mm

James said...

I don't get it.

You've got 22 blog followers, not to mention TMPers, and you're apologizing for wasting your time? Clearly, a lot of people think you're doing something worthwhile or interesting in painting up all those figs.

You're ACW stuff was better. My impression is you're swimming in a Napoleonic morass of uniforms, scales and rule sets... and a dearth of primary source information :)

Gunfreak said...

Just my from of Self-deprecation humor.