Tuesday, October 19, 2010

10mm AWI Pendraken

Aperantly there are two types of 10mm, you got the upscaled 6mm, really OG TWI is this type, not realy any more detailed then 6mm, but benefit for bigger mass so 100 10mm looks more real then 6mm, hell OG 10mm, actauly take less space then Baccus 6mm,
I get 50 OG 10mm on 120mm frontage, but I only get 48 baccus on the same frontage.

Any, you do get another type of 10mm, and thats downscaled 15mm. Well realy downscaled 18mm, becasue frankly only 18AB can supass this range.
They are SUPER detailed, much more detailed then your low end 15mm, you get musket straps, something that is often absent form less detailed 15mm, you get all the gear, like canteen, scatchel bag ect. hell even bands on they hats are there, Now there is a problem taking pics of these, becaue they are so small you need to get realy close to show all the super fine detailes, and that means UGLY if 15mm dosn't look good upclose with macro on the camra you can imagien the 10mm, but these figs are realy realy nice. They are 15mm but half the size, no comprimisses has been done, they are exactly half the hight of AB Napoleoincs, but only a quarter as massive if not even less.

This is kinda like AB in 15mm, I can get a good paint job on AB, but not on OG, I simply need good figures to do a good job, I know people that can make OG look superb but I can't it's the same with 10mm, my OG looks eh, my Pendarken looks good(not geat)

Anyway here are the pics, they are based on 20x20mm squares to give the semi open order feel.

As you can see even the hatband is on the sculpts

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