Sunday, October 17, 2010


Well another first for this blog, 10mm,

I got a couple of hundred Mexican soldadoes and some Texan guns with crew,
I don't know if Pendarken is moredetaled then OG, becasue these were quite hard to paint, some parts were REALY good, other parts not so much, over all good figures, but I think the pendarken sculpts are more detailed and just better, but I have to wait until I get some pedraken to see how they are.
These turned out ok, atleast whne you look at the first picture, they looks quite good, I tried to use Foundry 2color painting method. the trousers are painted gray then white, leaving a little gray here and there. the figures are quite colorfull, red, green, yellow.

This is just the first company of 6 for a unit, the battlion realy had 8 companies but it seems that for the assualt on the alamo the forces were devided with atleast the grenadier companies made into an assault column.

The paper strenght of a mexican company was 80, but with the hard campaign I think 50 soldadoes is quite genorous.

So 6 companies are 300 soldiers, thats 72cm forntage for a single battalion, but for the assualt they were formed in columns, so the frontage is less, but as I'm making rules to fight all battles, were will be times when you got 72cm battalions on the field. Well thats with 1:1 scale, the rules are also for 1:2 scale at wihch option you can get a battalion at 36cm in 10mm, or just 24cm in 6mm.

Anyway on to the pictures.

At this range I think they look quite spiffy.

They are very colorull.

When you get this close the paint job starts to show it's lack of quality.

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