Friday, February 25, 2011

Dead Head Hussars WIP

Well after painting a bunch of 15mm, I got bored of it, as I always do.
I had a nice boxs Calpe figures, which I do think are my favorite 28mm, I just love the style, so much detail yet the details are easy to see and paint.

I'm also in this peculiar cavalry mood lately, it started a few months back with 6mm cav, then 15mm cav, and now 28mm cav.

Calpe is THE 28mm Prussian range, and when doing prussian cav you HAVE to do the black dead head hussars, seriously I think it's the law, you might get stoned(and not in the good way) if you don't paint them.

Normaly I paint 6 cav at a time, but I really wanted to improve my 28mm cav, so I did 3 at a time this time. and I spent probebly the same amount of time on these 3 as I usualy do on 6.
I spent a very long time on the horses, normaly my horses are one color and some shading, this time I gave them socks, painted the hooves, white spot on the forhead, and shading, the leather works got metal stuff and some highlights to.

The troopers got alot of work to, the uniform is black but did get dark gray highlighys, the white braid got painted one and one ect.

My best 28mm cav so far(ok not that hard to surpas my old stuff)
Bad pictrues, but it's dark outside and hard to get good light.

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James said...

Best lookin' horses you've done. I got a tip from you too. The mane can be the color of the horse itself. A bit easier that way.