Saturday, June 4, 2011

Finished 32nd regiment of foot on tempary bases

So I finished the unit, still waiting for the bases, so I just used half green stuff(blue stuff) to hold the figures to some plywood bases, that are just a tiny bit to small.

Alot of comment about the trousers, and a lot of hints and tips. I tried the mid brown wash, sevral people did not like it, some of the trousers were very dirty looking, so I tried black wash, and it didn't work, it just had the same effect as black primer. And finnaly I tried DARK brown, which is actualy more like dark gray, the figures in the middle has the mid brown wash, while on the flanks you have the dark brown wash.

I really like this last guy on right, the trousers look good, the face is very good, to bad not all my figures looks like that.

Also I had one of my soon to be patended change of minds, I were supose to finish my prussian reserve infantry unit, but I'm dored with 28mm, now I want to see if I can use some of my new 28mm painting technics on 15mm AB napoleoincs.

I only have 5 more AB napoleonic units to paint before I can play Lasalle, and I have all units in my apartment all I have to do is paint them.


Sgt Steiner said...

Those are very nice I love your shading effects

Gunfreak said...

Thanks, allways nice to hear