Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Need your opinion on 6mm Napoleoincs

Yes, this is going to be one of those horrible pictureless posts.

Some time ago, I bought quite alot of(well just a few) 6mm baccus french and british, the plan was to do Waterloo with Polemos rules, but after painting a few figures I kinda lost heart, while most baccus look great, the early Napoleoinc stuff isn't that good, the cav is very square, and the bayonets on the french fall off just by looking at them. So I left the project for dead, but today I felt like painting 6mm, and instead of using more money to buy FPW figures, I might as well paint the Napoleoincs I got. The question is, should I continue with Polemos, a set of rules I'm not that hung up on, or do units for Laselle, which I want more, If I do polemos each unit will be 24 strong, on 60x30mm base, if I do laselle, I will use 4 times 40x20mm, or 64 figures total.

This is what I want to do, the downside is 64 figure units dos take time to paint, while 24 figure units are much faster to paint, but thats about it.

So I want to do lasalle, but if you got some super duper amazing reason for me to do polemos give them to me, and if I really like it, you'll get a kake.


Ray Rousell said...

64 figures for 6mm sounds kinda pointless to me, that's a hell of a lot of painting for one unit of 6mm figs!!! It would defiantly look nice, but you may lose the will to live!!

David Dormvik said...

Yeah, what Ray said. Take the opportunity to being able to play larger battles with smaller minis rather then filling the same space as a 28mm units would.

mekelnborg said...

Ask yourself this: would you rather be the Colonel, or the Emperor?

For myself, I agree with the others, but not always and completely--my answer is the Emperor.

He had hundreds of units. And he had resources to do it both ways if he felt like it. Then he doesn't have to decide once and for all, only decide to have both and pick up what he prefers on a given day, for whatever reasons.

But then he would also have somebody else paint it if he didn't feel like that. Because then it's gonna be a lot more than 64.

Peeler said...

Gun, go with what suits you in the end. ..However, I did Naps in 10mm for years, at 80/90 figure Btns, and I found, after a while, that although they looked the dogs parts, I lost heart with having to paint so many up for each new unit. With that in mind, and it's only IMO, if I were doing the same again in 6/10/15, I'd go for the smaller unit .. and the clear advantage is that you can have more units at the end of your painting time.