Monday, July 4, 2011

6mm Lasalle project so far

Just two units left, I have to see this through I got the figures and everything. It's less then two days work.

6th dragoons with bases.

The 23rd and 88th, now having the 52nd in belgic shako is one history mistake, but I think this one is in a totaly diffrent ball game, this is the 88th, and I don't even think they were at waterloo, atleast I can't remember them in my OOB. But atleast now I have regiments from all 3 parts of Great Britian.(well 3 of 4 if you count Wales)

The phanthom 88th, that through a time machine accident finds it self at the field of Waterloo, sadly the time machine fell on Wellington.

Damn I love those heystacks

Here's another new unit, so new it dosn't even have it's basing yet, the glue is still drying, this is the black watch and they turned out well black, I wanted them to have a diffrent look then the 92nd, so it would be easy to spot which was which, so I gave these a darker blue and green on the tartan, and it was very dark. So dark the kilt is almost black on daylight pics, need flash to see the color.

I like this shot, this 3/4 view lets you see the depth, but also the frontage of the battalions, giving a more massed feel to it.

Now say it with me, JUST TWO UNITS(lets pretend I don't have to paint french)


mekelnborg said...

Those are looking good, and I like the haystacks, too. Those are huge haystacks.

yorkie said...

I like em too, very nice.


Gunfreak said...

Thanks, finished the last unit, going up on the blog tomorrow