Saturday, July 2, 2011

The magic of 6mm

So I painted my first 6mm Building yesterday, it's been years since I painted a building and that was 28mm.

And that's the first part of of the magic of 6mm, the terrain, in 28mm and even 15mm, buildings are HUGE, on my table a single one story bulding takes up alot of room, If you try and make a hamlet half the table gets use up.

With 6mm you can have lots of buildings with out loosing alot of table space.
Same with trees, making a forest takes up half the table, same with rivers, hedges ect.

The Second magic of 6mm is is the depth, while I do feel baccus takes up to much forntage, they have very small depth, at 2 deep the formation are really shallow.

The 3rd Magic of 6mm, is this, this is the 52nd regiment of foot, and they are totaly inaccurate, as the 52nd is light infantry they would have had the stovepipe shako not the belgic shako, but at 6mm, who is going to notice.

So the building, a nice little church, I wanted it to have red moter between the grey stone, so I dunked the whole thing in red inkwash, then painted the stone one and one,

I then added brick red roofs, and painted the tree and other green stuff, finnaly I glued some turf on it.


mekelnborg said...

That looks really good. I agree with your observations. I have an Adler army which are the largish size to pack in more detail, then I decided I liked the charm of the Heroics and Ros better anyway, which are the smallish 6mm, and so I built the same armies twice, in the same scale.

It was the too much frontage that started me on that path.

Gunfreak said...

My whole irregular project was based on the minimum amount of frontage possible, with irregular I get 24 figures on the same space as 16 Baccus,

But even with the big frontage of these units I still think I can get 30 battalions and sevral regiments of horse and artillery.

Briefspite said...

6mm en masse looks good :).

Are you trying to achieve a 1:1 in scale to frontage?

Gunfreak said...

No not really, lassale rules are quite abstracted, all battalions are 4 bases strong exept special battalions like british guards, and ofcourse Austrian, which are 6 bases strong.

The frontages aren't really based on reality, but to eachother, så 4 base cav, 4 base inf and 4 gun batteries should all be about the same in frontage.

Monty said...

Love 6mm...

David said...

Great work mate. 6mm rocks!

Steve's Wargame Stuff said...

I recognise that little church.... I should.... I sculpted it!

Nice work sir.