Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Close call

Damn close call, after painting 28mm for a long time now, I got this super duper urge to get some 15mm and paint them, I had about $250AU worth of AB ready to buy, when two things stopped me.

1, half of the figures I was gonna order were 1812 russians, BUT Blue moon figures are about to release their Napoleonic range, and while they probebly don't come close to AB, the unpained russians looked fantastic, I might have thought they were AB if I didn't know they were BM.

So if I wait a few weeks I can get lots of russians for half the price or less then AB, the french didn't look that good, so I'll probebly still order AB french, the BM french were in gaiters, I'm not a fan of gaiters on my french.

I also almost bought a box of the new Man at war figures, they are cheap as dirt, and look quite nice, but I have heard they are made of very soft lead, so I might have to stay clear of them. Also they are 1815 style, so if I buy them my french won't match any of my other 15mm.

2. I rememberd that I got some 15mm AB laying around, I really wanted to paint french, and by chance I got a single unit of french, getting to paint these figures probebly saved me sevral thousands NOK.

So I think this unit looks quite good, the faces are a little bland, just huge black holes in the eyes.

The white turned out quite nicly, I just did a simple to tone, elven grey shade with white over, the blue was also a two tone, deadyl nightshade with royal blue over. I gives a nice dark deep blue.

I'm also slowly getting more spesifc colors, my coat d'arms works well for a lot of stuff, but they do have some bad colors, their "wood" brown, dosn't cover black very well, and just looks off. So I got foundry Musket stock brown, as usual the shade is useless, it's to dark to use on muskets, the muskets aren't detailed enough to warrent 3 layers,, but two layers work great, It's quite dark, so you do NEED to use the highlight, but when you do, the muskets looks great, and very realistic.

Also new is that I managed to border the red facings with white, it's easy to do on 28mm, but this is the first time I did it on 15mm.

3 more bases to do, I think this is going to be my best 15mm unit so far.


paulalba said...

Also waiting for the Blue Moon Russians GF, I think they look great unpainted.

Dan said...

Hey Gunfreak
They look good, the good thing about AB, is it does not take much to make there detail stand out, my preferred 15/18mm Nap figure, but I will have to check out the BM Russians.