Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Bad and the slightly better

So I got my russians, one regiment of hussars, 2 battalions in greatcoats and 4 generals.

So I started on the hussars yesterday and they did NOT turn out well, I did save them from total ruin but still.

First I was disapointed in the sculpts, all the horses are basicly the same pose, so are the hussars, only the angle of the head is diffrent, and the pose it self is very static. I don't know if the perrys did these or if they were made later by others, but they are defenatly not up to modern perry standards, but they are still not bad figures, just a little let down after the great russian infantry. And then we get to my stuff, first you had those damn triangles on the horse blanket. That ment free hand painting, which I'm horrible at. got one side of one figue almost ok, the rest are very badly painted. So comes the riders, I first screwed up in the color selection, so I had to repaint, it did save the figures from total ruin, but still not satesfied.

The hussars are painted as Akhtyrka hussars, brown chessnut dolman with dark blue trousers.

To make things more anoying, there is a lot of yellow on them, which means first I have to paint it white before I use yellow, as yellow never overs unless you got white under.

Now over to something a little bit better, a Russian infantry general. Everything is better on this guy, better horse, better everything.

I painted this officer for a couple of reasons, 1 I have about 10 units half finished, so I wanted something I could paint and finish in a day. Second another chance to try out the russian green.


Desert Scribe said...

Don't be discouraged, your figures still look pretty decent, and I'm sure they will fit in just fine on the tabletop. Besides, the only way to get better is to practice.

Dan said...

Hi Gunfreak, I think they turned out OK, one thing I noticed is you have used white as the undercoat for the yellow and there is a bit of white still showing, the reason yellow doesn't show well over black is because it is very opaque, by adding some white to the yellow (about 1:10) you can make the yellow solid, use that as the undercoat, then go over with the normal yellow, this will stop the white bits showing through, and will still give that bright yellow look.