Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Whats this, commie bastards on my blog

So I was playing Red Orchestra 2, for those that don't know it's a extremly realistic computer FPS, sett in and around Stalingrad, it lets you play as Soviet or German infantry and tank crew.
Unlike standard FPS, here you don't know how many round you got in your gun, either you have to count your rounds or you can check the weapon, and it tells you if you got more then half, less then half or is almost empty. Thats it. Also you don't see your health bar, not that you need it, becasue a single round from even a pistol can kill you. There is no cross hairs, so the only way to aim is to use the iron sights.. You can get lucky and hit some one at close range from the hit, atleast with automatic weapons.

You can also climb over obsticals, so open windows or fences is no problem to climb/jump over.
But what does this have to do with pinko bitches(my favorite line from Die Hard 2) on my blog, well I got this condition, a syndrom if you will, if I get inspired by media, movie, games ect. I have to paint it. So this means yet another project.

I've been trying to do WW2 for a long time, evey time I've basicly try skirmish gaming. but I've come to the conclution I HATE skirmish gaming. I've tried it in WW2 and Napleonics and I don't like it.

So What I'm trying to do is to make a WW2 version of a Napoleonic Divisional game. So instead of controling a squad or platoon, you control a regiment or division or even more. It looks like BlitzKreig Commander is the rules to use. This also means that for the first time I'm doing WW2 in 15mm.

So I give to you the first three platoons of commie scum, I choose Easter fron, becuase, well I'm playing RO2 and becasue it lets you have big sweaping large scale battles, on a relativly flat battlefiled.

I put alot of effort into these, I painted them as 28mm, as much as the FOW figures let you do that. The uniform got 3 colors, main, shade and highlights, the rifles got two diffrent coats of wood, the metal in the LMGs and SMGs got two coats of metal. The helmets got two coats. The field caps got two coats. The faces are a let down I tried to use flesh wash but it didn't work on the 15mm figures. So next time I'll use the brown wash.

I decided not to flock the bases, I just put down single tuffs on brown sand.

I think the genral uniform color, is about right, but I did have problems with gear, the webbing was wine, not that there was much of it showing in the figures, but the backpack, breadbag and Trench tool cover was harder, I did look at orignal gear and it did look quite yellow, so I used a yellowish sand color.

I don't like the bases on the FOW figues, they are really massive and very high for so small figures. they should really be at most half that massive. These figures are much smaller then AB napoleonics, yet their bases is 3 times as tall and massive. Not only that but they are often very uneven, meaing te figures en up crocket on the plastic bases.

I bought these FOW figures just to have some russians to paint, I have orders lots of Peter pig figues that will make up most of my forces.

These figures remind me of OG Napoleonics, lots of "hu" parts to the figures, Sevral times I've asked my self are those webbing straps or just folds in the uniform?

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