Thursday, October 13, 2011

Royal Horse Guards Part 1

So I keep hammering at the British, The next game is still on for the 30th, So my goal is this guard unit and another KGL unit. I have also orderd a KRmulticase, that hopefully was sent today, so it got some 17 days to get here before the game.

So on to the figures, Painted as Royal Horse guards AKA the blues, they are alot more fun to paint then the regular heavy dragoons. becasue in the end British heavy dragoons are a little boring. The saddle and saddle cloth is is very basic, nothing facy, it means they are fast to paint, but also boring to paint. While these have the same boring saddle stuff, atleast you got a very fancy helment to play around with. I only have enough figures for 12 of these, it will have to do for the game on the 30th, but as mentioned I plan on extending this unit to 18.

I'm probebly going to grade these as Guard, tho from their preformance at Waterloo, they weren't very guardish, more like horny teenage boy getting in a fight. General De brigade does give ALL british cav a -2 on the stopping a charge table.

That means that any time you use British cav, there is a good chance it's a one time all or nothing thing.

Now that I actualy got time to paint, the quality is much better then the heavy dragoons, yet I still suck at painting cav.

The horses ofcourses look crappy.


Steve's Wargame Stuff said...

Horses look fine to me! ... Great looking suff. If you'd like to see crappy horse painting then visit my blog sometime! ... I hate painting cavalry. Even with my basic paint style it takes a fookin' age!

Dan said...

the horses look OK, nice cav.

Gunfreak said...

Well I just learned that the horses should be black, so that was a mistake.

Steve I've been trying to comment on sevral pages on your blog, but bloger won't let me comment for some reason.

Steve's Wargame Stuff said...

Hi again. I've altered the settings (I think) so commenting should now work on my blog...hopefully. Thanks for pointing the problem out to me.