Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A lawsuit in the making

So one of the very talented painter posted some fantastic pike figures,

So Now I'm totaly stealing his paint idea, those blue helments were just to cool not to do.
Also some of the figures had purple cloth, and I'v been wanting to paint alot of purple for a long time, I've had had this bottle of purple and never really gotten to use it, only a few small detail stuff. but this gave me the excuse to do them in purple.
So I might get sued or assassinated or something over this, but I had to do it.

So I had one problem, purple is not the kind of color you have 2 or more shades of, so how to shade it, luckely I did have purple ink wash, so I painted them purple, added the wash and then highlighted the purple again, and it was very good stuff, worked great.

I did have problems with the shield transfers it's hard to get them on the center of the shields.


Jay said...

Very nice job as usual. The helmet color does make the trooper stand out, but can he fight! Plus the shield designs look properly placed to me. Great job, Sir.

James said...

Now that's what I called inspired painting :)

Conrad Hawkwood said...

I did these feel fre to copy them..

Conrad Hawkwood said...

oops the actual blog post link