Friday, February 10, 2012

Crazed rebs attacking

Did another unit, this time reb, this is an advancing unit.

I did this one more uniform, 23 of them have all gray unitform, and only 7 have any butternut, but the diffrent blanketrolls do add to the randomness,

Gray line attacking the blue line

Also I've done some number crunching, I got enough figures for 6 Union regiments, and 4 confederate, as well as sevral generals, and a reb battery of 3 models.

Now thats not enough to game with, but I got a cunning plan, baldric gave it to me, before Blackadder had him beaten for buying to many turnups.

The plan is to buy a mega pack from gordon and hague, this is a new thing, namely plastic 10mm ready painted ACW.

It's great you get ready painted and based figures for about 50cent a figure.

Granted the paint job is very basic, but it can be imporved by a lot by simple adding some more color to the units, and putting some flocked grass on the bases. But even then they aren't going to be a nice as my own painted figures, but they are going to be adiquate.

With the boxed sets and these I'm painting now, I'm going to have 15 union regiments, 13 confederat regiments, 3 reb batteries, 2 union batteries, some cav and such.

About 450 infantry pr. side, That is if all regiments are 30 figures strong, that would be 600 soldiers, which is ALOT for a ACW regiment, I'll also have 4 command bases left over for each side, so by lowering each regiment to say 24 figures I can get another 4 regiments pr. side.

That would give me a good sized division pr, side. and perfectaly gameable.

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afilter said...

Nice figs....I am going the same route and just placed an order with G&H...hoping they will blend with what I have.