Monday, March 12, 2012

And Now for something completly diffrent

So I've restarted my Samurai project,

This is for Killer Katanas 2,

So I got a few more packs. and I've been thinking about what kind of force to make, This is takeda force, The plan is so far 3 big Ashiguru formation each of 1800 soldiers, With teppo and archers inbetween the formations.
Then behind these, I'll have smaller Ashiguru formations, aswell as samurai, I'm also thinking of a sparate division of "mercs" with ronin and monks.
My table is a little small for a full army, So I'm thinking my army should be 20-25 000.
Unlike my normal projects, I've decided to do one army at a time.

I've also decided to do all my ashiguru in bare metal, with diffrent laces, to stand out from the rest. the idea is that they would not spend alot of money on laqure, so I gave them a dull metal look.
These figures are quite hard to paint, I've gotten better at painting since last time I did this project.

So far I've only done two bases of Archers and these two bases of monks since I restarted the project. My first monks in the back rank, were very dull, in brown cloaks, I did instead a new take on them in colorfull cloaks. Since they don't have the back banner, they need color to stand out on the battlefield.

My force so far, one medium unit of ashiguru, one small unit of samurai, one small unit of mounted samurai, one small unit of monks, one small unit of teppo, I got enough ashiguru to make one of my 1800 soldier strong formations, thats 12 bases or 48 figures, I got enough archers for a small unit, and enough teppo for a medium unit, I also got more monks, some ronin, more samurai, ashiguru with swords.

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