Friday, March 2, 2012

Well it's been 5 months

Well 6 months if you concider only 28mm, but I'm back to painting Napoleonics.

I got myself some warlord plastic russians.
The box is rather od, while some of the figures are really great, others are not so great, because the figures are mostly one piece, some of the details get lost on the side of the figures, now this isn't that big of a deal, since the sides are mostly coverd by the figure next to them.
But there is one of the 4 plastic figures that is quite bad, on this figure the detail on the arms are gone.

I bought both the 1809 and 1812 types, I think one brigade will be 1809 another 1812.
I bought this at my local game/nerd store, the box cost 249kr, that's about 7.8kr a figure, or 2kr less then metal figures, but almost 3kr more then what the same box would cost directly from warlord. The question is how much do I save from shipping, Warlord is quite cheap when it comes to shipping, so I don't think I save that much on shipping.
I'm very happy with these, I think they look good.

I did alot of work on these, jacket and breches got 3 coats, same with the winter coat, musket got 2 layers both metal and wood. Flesh got 3 layers plus a layer of wash.

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