Saturday, April 7, 2012

Finished first pike block and my greeks so far.

YaY, finnaly finished my first pike block, these are a lot of hard work, first they are 40 strong, which is just alot of figures, second there is a lot to do, the armor is colorfull but alot of hard work to do, small stuff to paint, takes some concentration.

Then you got 40 shields that need shield transfers. They just take along time to do.

But damn do they look good, alle those pikes , a sea of pikes.

Here's the finished unit with half a unit of another pike block. Thats 60 soldiers.

And here are all my greeks so far, tarentine light cav, 60 pikes and 20 thuroporoi.

Next up I'm going to do my last principes unit, to finish the roman legion.
I still got plenty of figures to paint, I got 45 charthagenian spearmen left, I got 20 more thuroporoi, and 4 units of latin allies for the romans.