Monday, April 9, 2012

It's here

So there is a HUGE amount of pictures in this post.

You all know, the structure of a roman republican legion, so no need to go into that.

I have only 8 Velites which is not alot, really with 1200 of them pr. legion, I should have atleast 40 of them, but given that these light troops were generaly not super effective, having 40 of them would be total over kill, but even so 8 is not alot, so I might make 8 more.

Here we got my Hastati, painted in a blue/white theme

Then we have the Principes, done in yellow/white theme.

And in thee 3rd line we got my triarii in red/white them, these are only one unit, since they are only 600, while the hastati and principes are 1200 they both got 2 units.

And finnaly the cav, who small cav units.

And all togeather now.

So it's very nice to have this one done, granted in the grand schem of things, 121 figures is not a huge amount, but there is alot of detail, so it's nice to be done.
Next up I'll finish my second pike block, 20 more figures for those, and then I'll do the second Thureoporoi, So two and a half more units, after that?
GAME, I'll do a test game of Hail ceasar, a single legion vs, my pike block suported by thureoporoi. The game is a little to small to be a propper game, but I think the scale is perfect for learing the game.


DadExtraordinaire aka Marcus Maximus said...

Great looking figures Gunfreak. Hope to see the Pikemen and Thureophoroi soon? I notice you are going to trial Hail Caesar so looking forward to your report on that.

Monty said...

What a great looking bunch, especially the Triarii! I've never tried Hail Caesar so I'm looking forward to your opinion on that too.