Saturday, May 19, 2012

Biggest Loosers

 Argubely the biggest loosers were the Prussians of 1806, this was ofcourse not the fault of the soldiers, but the soldiers were let down by their commanders, both in the field, and back home.
 If they had been propperly lead, the would have won Auerstad, granted it's never easy to beat Davout, and davout was at his best in 1806, and I do belive that had the Prussians met any other french corps, they would have won, it was just french luck and prussian bad luck that it was Davout they met.
Now even Davout would have lost had the prussians been lead propperly, not even his famed 3rd corps could have won against 65 000 prussians, hell the prussians wouldn't even have had to be lead by super generals, had they only been lead by someone remotly competent, they would have won.

Instead Davout dictated the battle, he could use his super soldiers exploit the command problems of the prussians.

But the true reason the prussians of 1806 are the ultimate loosers, was the total collaps of the army after Jena-Auerstad. Thousand of prussians got captured every day for two weeks.

But the prussians aren't all bad, the small corps of some 20 000 prussians did link up with the Russians, and they were well lead, and did thier share of the job at Eylau. So they can be used well on the table.

The figures over are Blue Moon, and compeard to the AB British in the post from yesterday, they are less refind, especaly the faces, but they are animated, and they got lots of detials, the trunbacks are raised, so easy to paint, the cufs are also sculpted so they are easy to paint.

I have serious problem choosing between BM and AB, Blue moon even with out old glory army card, is half the price of AB once shipping is take into acount. And they do paint up nicely even with my limited skills.

This is the offical reactivation of my 15mm Napoleoinc project, I feel it's only right, after all I'm painted 538 AB napoleonic figures, that an investment far about 3000kr when shipping and tax in added. just pure metal it's over 2600kr.
I've looked over the painted figures, and while they are not up to my current standard, most are pefectly ok, they are in sevral diffrent styles. But thats ok to.

I have bought enough for two more french line units, and two prussian units 1 more russian dragoon unit, and 1 more jeger unit . Added to allready sizable force I have, I get 9 french battalions, 6 I repeat 6 cav units, thats alot, and one battery.
My allied force is will then be 10 battalions, 7 russian 3 prussian, 2 big dragoon units, a cossack unit, and a battery.

Total 716 infantry, cav, artillery and command.

There is quite alot of infantry and cav compeard to artillery, so I'll probebly add 1 more french battery, and 1 or 2 russian batteries. I'll also add a prussian cuirassier unit, and a either a prussian dragoon unit or russian hussar unit. By then we will be over 750 figures. I also need to add some more brigade commanders, speificaly prussian brigade commander.

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