Saturday, May 26, 2012

Boched ACU and 100 followers

First I would like to thank all 100 followers, It did take a damn like time to go from 99 to 100 tho. I had decided that once I reached 100 followers I would do something to save the planet. So this is what I'm going to to to save the planet, I'm not going to blow it up, Which I was planing, I had placed 50 5000 mt nuklear devices around the wold inside vulcanos, I was gonna blow up the world litteraly, blow it apart. But since I got 100 followers I've deicded not to kill everybody, so thereby saving the world. You can thank me, but thank yourself to, you 100 followers have save the world, be proud of yourself


 So here is my boched ACU, it's weired I own a ACU uniform, I had a painting of the ACU infront of me, still I could not get it. To bad to, since the rest of the figure turned out rather nice, especaly the face.

At this distance, it looks kinda not totaly fucked up. But any closer and it looks very bad.

As I said the face is rather nice.


TamsinP said...

Whilst it may not look bang-on up close, let's face it - how often will the figures be looked at up-close-and-personal when they are being used for gaming?

It's difficult to tell, but are those 30YW Imperials in the background looking a bit confused at the appearance on the battlefield of a C21 US trooper? ;)

Anonymous said...

Unless you are doing large scale figures, I think it is a mistake to try and reproduce ACU patterns. From a distance they produce a grey/green look. As Tamsin points out, that's good enough for gaming.