Monday, May 21, 2012

Did not belive this existed

 So I have always asumed that AB was the pinical of 15/18mm, some have come close Eureka has made some very nice 18mm figures, and of late Blue moon has beome the second best 18mm out there, It had kinda always anyoed me that AB only made ACW and Napoleonics.
 I have tried 15mm for other periods, 7YW, Samurai, ACW, and nobody really came close AB, while it's not fare to compear say Peter Pig to AB, as peter pig is true 15mm, and so are notesably smaller, same sevral other 15mm I've tried.
 But now I have actualy found a 15/18mm thats is PRETY DAMN CLOSE to AB, and in a very diffrent period. Acies Edizioni is avalabe from Vexillia, it's a new range, first avalable in 2011, not sure when or if more figures in the range is going to be made, but I hope they do make more, as they are fantastic, When I fist got them today, I was suprised by just how nice they were. I do see that the pikes might be a problem, they are very thin, so I do wonder how well they will hold up during gaming.

So on to the figures, they have lots of delicate features, if you take some time, you can get some great effect with highlights on the folds. Hopefully this shows up on the pictures.
I painted them as a green imperial unit.
I did imperial since I have painted lots of swedish in 28mm,  Second I painted them green, becuse I wanted to use my new foundry forest green.
Great to paint, and actualy very fast to paint, I did these 12 in just a few hours while watching QI. I will still use blackpoweder for these, but the units will be bigger, 12 musketeers on each wing, with 16 pikemen and command in the center, so each unit will be 40 big, so quite alot bigger then my 28 strong 28mm units. Still, my 15mm figures will be 16 cm wide, compeard to my 24 wide 28mm. So lots more room for more units.

So I'm giving Acies Edizioni 30YW figures 98/100
Compear that to 98.5/100 for AB napoleoincs, they really are that close.


TamsinP said...

They do look good figures and lovely paint job as always :)

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