Sunday, July 29, 2012

Holy testical thuesday, it's been a log time

 So I'm not dead, first I got hooked on the STO game, over a week and half I had spent 3 whole days just playing the game, 72 hours, so 3 days out of mabye 10 days were spent just blowing ships up in space. The only reason I stoped is my computer is beheaving badly, and I get random blue screens when playing some games. I also stopped taking one of my meds, leading to some rather nasty withdrawal symptoms, I was extremly dissy, with made my nausies, so I could bearly watch tv, and had no chance at sitting and painting.

 So I finnaly got some painting done, I continued work on my 1805 Russians, I think I've really outdone my self on these. But they have gotten rather complicated, the breechers have now 5 shades, the coat has 4, the musket got 3 ect.

The trousers first got elven grey, then austrian white shade A-C, and finnaly a high light of real white, as even the lightest austrian white is an off white color, I wanted propper white.
But I'm most happy with the coat, I did the regular Russian green A-C, but then a highlight of forest green A, This is a dark green, but just slightly lighter then russian green C, it might technicaly be slightly to light for the ultra histroic dark green the russians used, but it's still a very dark green, just makes the color pop more. It also makes the green look green from a distance, I've had sevral people thinknig the coats were actualy black even on close up pictures. When I just used the russian green A-C,
 Here is  the new one on the left next to the older versions, the faces are better, the trousers are better and the coats are better.

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Phil said...

Nice minis, those Russians are looking fine!