Friday, August 10, 2012

Purple Swedes

 So more swedes, this time in purple, yet another, unit that probebly never excited. I'm still missing one horse and rider to finish this unit, as all my cav units are gonna be 6 strong.
 So the goal is for each side to have one brigade, the swedes will have the swedish brigade, and the imperials the dutch brigade, on top of that, the swedes will get two light guns, the imperials one medium gun,, each side will get 3-4 cav units, and a few small all musket units. in all about 256 figures, which is a very small project for me. but I get so bored painting these figures, I need to keep it small in the start

 The unit looks ok, I'm not that taken away with these plastic warlords, the horses are actualy very nice, the face is a little let down, but the rest of the horse is very nice, lots of details ect. But the riders just are slightly od and plane, I feel they are missing some detail, riders are always the hardest figures to paint, and I asume to sculpt. One of the figures here were metal, the swedish cav box comes with 2 metal figures, and the metal figs are just better then their plastic commrads, they have more folds in the clothes, sharper details, ect. I think it's the same sculpter, so I don't know why these metals are better then the plastics

And were we have some metal cuirassiers, again they are much better then plastic cav.
 So after I paint the last figure in this unit, I'm gonna finish one of my pike and shot formations, it still needs 8 more musketeers and 4 command.
Atleast they are colorfull.

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