Thursday, January 24, 2013

WGF Ashigaru and Samurai

So this is a mixed bag, I got the ashigaru first, and man are those in lots of pieces. I get it gives lots of options, but it also makes them complex to put togeather. and quite frankly my first attempt wasn't that good, lots of spaces between the parts ect. hell I even glued the damn swords wrong side up, and didn't notice it until I was gonna paint them.

But they paint up ok, samurai/ashigaru are never easy to paint.

 The mounted samurai on the other hand were much better, so much easier to glue togeather. I don't like the horses tho, the got some odd shapes and the heads are odd. I've decided not to do the cav in uniform armor, this is not the red devils, most will be black with some red guys in there, this apears to be the two most common armor colors.

 These are all takeda since it's the easiet banner to paint free hand.

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Phil said...

Great looking minis...and period!