Wednesday, February 27, 2013

GNW project

So Say hallo to some sweds and Russians.
These are Musketeer Miniatures and very nice. But expencive even for 28mm metal. 
Not sure about how I painted the sweedes. I used a blue triad, but all 3 colors are so close they don't show up on the pictrues and it looks like I just used one color. They are cool animated poses. Very Gå På-

 On the other hand I'm very happy about the russians, I love how the green came out, I wanted the green a bit lighter then the Napoleonic russian green, so instead of using russian green A-C I used russian green B-C then highlight with Forest green A, I love the forest green A color, so rich and wonderfull. So I'm very happy about how the russians came out.

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Phil said...

I agree, Russians are looking very, very nice! Great work!