Thursday, May 30, 2013

First japanese

So this went badly, I have a color called japanese uniform, but it's not a good pigment, it yellow, so it does not cover very well and so I had to improvice, THEN when it was done I found "desert yellow" that is almost the same color(slightly less yellow hue) so I'll use that one on the rest. and since the shades are so diffrent, I've googled japanase uniform, and some are almost kaki, some are the yellow classic color, and some look like beige brown. I don't know if this is diffrent uniforms for diffrent periods of the war, or diffrent formations, or just random variations, like the allies had on their colors.

So this is what I got so far, a HMG, and 3 riflemen, as you see the colors have run and mixed, and it's all a jumble.
 I've also got some precut mdf houses, since I'm doing Okinawa, the arcitecture would be very japanese.
 A little scene I set up, some marines attacking the house
 BAR gunner reloading.

 Mortar Crew


Jay said...

Really nice finished figures. And the scenery details are super nice, Sir.

Anonymous said...

Stay clear of VMC Japanese Uniform - it's an awful, garish choice of colour that Warlord should never have marketed.

Have a look at this reenactor store:

Of course, you can't go wrong with buying the two Osprey MAA titles by Philip Jowett. Not only are the plates inside beautiful, but they're also ridiculously affordable.

Changing the helmets to brown (I personally use VMC English Uniform) would also be a good idea.

Finally, it goes without saying that the terrain looks really awesome!

Phil said...

Nice minis, and pics!!

Gunfreak said...

Thanks, afewroundmore!!
I used the link as a painting guide!!
Will post pictures of the new style uniform when I've based them.