Monday, June 10, 2013

Review Rising Storm

Rising Storm, is a multiplayer game, that pits Japanese against Marines in the Pacific war. So far there are 6 maps, Iwo jima, Pelilu, Gutalcanal, Hanto, Sipan Kwajian. The maps are diverse, Iwo jima is bunker hell, americans have to fight thought lays of bunkers, first getting a foot old on the beach, then blow up AA guns. before finnaly taking the command bunker. Sipan is the only urban map, were americans attack a town, with houses and rail stations and factories. Hanto and Guatalcanal are kinda similar, yet diffrent, guatalcanal is at night, with sevral american bunkers, and houses, and ends at the airstrip of the japanese get that far. hanto starts the same way with an american trench line and mgs, but after that, you get a small village, then mangrove forests.

 This is that last defence for the americans at Hanto, a small HQ, with trenches and stuff like that.
 This is guatalcanal,
 If you get shot at or explotions go of near you, the screen goes black and white, and you'll have problems aiming, this means that coverfire is very effective, if you have and MG and put down fire on a possions, the enemy will keep their head down.
Kwajian, a map of sand and trenches.

The game lets up to 64 players fight on a map, The game has an army structure, 1 TL(commander) can use radio to to call in arty(mortar) You also have SL(Squad leaders) NCOs, then you have diffrent specialists, americans have flamethrowers, japanese have knee mortars. Also some classes are map spesific, on iwo jima, americans have engineers with carbines and shatlescharges. on the maps that the japanse attack, they have assualt class with Type 100 SMG.

Americans have automatic riflemen with BARs, and both sides have LMGs, americans with .30 cal and japanese have Type 96 and type 99 LMGs. You also have snipers. Then you have the MIGHTLY riflemen, Americans have M1903 or Garand, Japanse have the Type 99 and 38 rifles.

The NCOs have either shotguns, Thompsons or Carbines(americans) or Type 100 smg or type 99 rifle(japanese)

The game is brutal, one shot is usualy enough to kill if you hit the body, at long range shots to the arms and legs will make you bleed but not kill you. you can also get mortaly wounded, were you can't move and just slowly bleed to death as the screen darkens.

Granades and artillery will rip arms, legs and heads off.

Like most shooters these days there is an upgrade sytem, but the upgrades are realistic you don't get laser sights or stuff like that.

At level 25 the garand gets a bayonet. The japanese rifles start with baoynets, but at level 50 gets a longer one.

The Type 96 and 99 LMGs actualy get bayonets at level 50, which sounds od, but is true they did have that.
At level 50 the LMGs get low powered scopes, also something that did happen.

The american upgrades are slighlty more intersting, The thompson start with 20 round mag, then at level 25 gets 30 round mag, and at 50 gets 50 round drum mag and front grip. This is kinda ahistorical as far as I know the marines stop useing the drum mag early in the war, as it was to cumbersome, and prone to jaming.
But atleast it's not a laser sight.

The BAR gets a field made front grip at 25 and Bipod at 50.

Also as you upgrade the weapons, you get slight bonouses, you reload slighlty faster, you put the sight up to your eye faster ect. Nothing huge, but ok, you would expect a vetran marines/japanese to be better at handeling a weapon in combat.

SLs also get smoke granades, which is needed for any attack, to attack over open ground with out it, is suicide.

Also unlike other games, kills is not the alpha omaga, You get more points for taking objetives, or even giving ammo to Mgs, for a reglar kill you get 1 point, but you get 5 points to resuply an mg. You also get much more points to kill an enemy with in the objective sone. If you kill an enemy while you are in an objective sone, you get 3 points for the kill instead of 1, and if you kill and enemy in the objetive sone while you are there to, you get 6 points, so keeping close to the objective is the best way to get points.

I have played sevral rounds as SL and got very few kills, but because I was in the thick of it, taking objectives, having my squad spawn on me. I get alot of points.

The game is very fun, realistic yet fun, and at times HAIRY!!

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