Thursday, June 20, 2013

WSS continued

 So another base done, I have changed how I paint, normaly I paint REALLY intensly, then get bored.
So I'm trying to take it more easy now, so instead of painting 6-12 figures at a time, I paint 3 and 3,
It makes it feel like less of a chore,  I'm very happy with how these ened up, I still need another base to finish. I really like the officer up in front.

I get the officer lots of little details.
 It's funny I thought these would be kinda boring, since the jackets and gaitors are grey and the only color are the cufs and undercoat, but they still look very cool.
Also so my suprise the unit dosn't look to stiff, the front rank figures are as you know almost clones, they only have one version of each figures, so all kneeling figures are in the same pose, but just the fact that they got diffrent heads and aren't exactly glued on the same place makes them feel more fluid.

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