Tuesday, July 30, 2013

And now for something TOTALY COMPLETLY diffrent

 And I mean it, last post had assault rifles, granade lanuchers and Machineguns, and theise guys DON'T.
The need about 2200 years before they get to play with those toys. On the other hand, they are alot more colorfull. So this is 3 out of 4 command figures for my hypaspist.

I havn't done ancients in almost exacly a year, last post with ancients on this blog was june last year.
So why? Fuck you none of your business. Just kidding, Rome 2 Total war is comming out in september.
A game that lets you control about a dozen diffrent states, Romans ofcourse, the game starts in I think 325 BC, just after Alexander died, So rome isn't big yet, and Hellenic culture is the big thing, domenating the entire eastern medetaranain, and even influensing the Carthagenians. So take a hold of your state and counqure the known world. Unlike Rome 1, you don't have 1 gaul faction or one greek faction or one briton faction, the celts of western europe is devided into dozens of diffrent tribes, and if you play as one of the gaul tribes your first mission is to unite the other tribes, and not march on rome right away.

Same with Greeks, in Rome 1, you just had "greek city states" but now you have sevral diffrent factions, so a uniqe Athinian faction and an uniqe  spartan ect.

So this is why I paint theise, I'm warming up for rome 2, I knew that once I started to play I would get the urge to paint ancients again, so I just got a head start, since I would spend most of my time playing the game by then. This way I might get a unit of two done before that time.

Normaly when I get an ich to paint a period, I have to order figures and wait for 2-5 weeks to get them. But this time I had like 150-200 figures laying around unpainted, so that was nice. So now I'm watching Alexander final cut, and I'll watch it two more times(2 commentary tracks that a great to listen to as you paint, one by Stone and another by the historian Fox)

I also have plans of watching rome series while I paint my latin legions.

 So theise Hypaspist are part of my Pyrric Army, My project was and still is Pyrrhus vs Rome. So I need to fill out my Greek and Roman forces.

I have enough greeks for this unit, and horoporoi.
Then I need to think what more to do, I'm thinking one more elephant to keep
George kompany, and ofcourse heavy greek cav,
Mabye some more italian hoplites, I think my 2 big phalangites units is enough, or should I make a Third? I also think about some skrimsihes, slingers or archers

For the romans I have one legion of allied latins, thats 2 units of latin hastati, and 2 of princepes.

I need one more roman legion, and allied cav.

As always with my ancients I go with color themes. Since theise are supose to be elite, I did them complex, with light blue, strong red and dark green as the them.

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