Sunday, July 7, 2013

Royal Horse

 So one squadron done of French Royal regiment of horse, not sure which regiment it's gonna be, can't be cuirassiers Roi, since they don't have cuiarassiers. But they'll work for for other royal regiments.
The cool thing is that the benith the lilly banner, uses squadrons as base cav unit, so you only need to make 6 figures. For one unit, That means you don't that as bored as fast, I painted them as a royal regiment as I like to paint blue, and I got kinda tired of the grey/white french coats.
This look prety good to me, I did the horses in all black, to make the unit look more elite(for me big black horses look more elite and intimndating)
 I did them with pistols in had, just because I never get to paint cav with pistols in had, as most will have sabers or swords.

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