Friday, July 26, 2013

The NAM man, the NAM!

 So I've wanted to do Nam for a long time, the problem was that trees/palm would be expencive and you need alot of it, but then i kinda acedentaly bought like 150 palms.

So the table will be coverd in grass mat, with rivers gonig throught it, a small village, some rice paddies and some forest stuff, and some palms along the water.

These are The assualt groups miniatures, I bought sevral diffrent packs, mixing heavy and light gear.

Then comes the eternal color choice, The uniforms are actualy kinda leaf green, when dry, but they are almost never dry and so look darker, so I went for the darker color, They also make it hard as the gear and webbing is the same color as the uniform.

 I liked painting these, relativly easy and quick, most of the time is spent on the green ofcourse, I use Black green, then dark elf green, then military green, with highlights of camoflage green, I think it works well give the dark wet uniform style. and it's a rich color that looks good.

The helmet cover is camoflage green, with beige brown and black draps.

The guns are black with panzer grey highlights on the plastic parts, and some gun metal highlights on parts of the metal, to show wear and tear on the aluminium.

 The rice paddies were expencive but look good.
It's fun looking at all the diffrent gear they have, especialy since I used to have most of it my self, I had a complete M56 webbing, with buttpack, ammo, etool, bayonet, flash light ect. spent like a year ordering stuff and putting it togeater, looked great, then it got stolen along with other militaria I had, And so I stopped collecting that. It was a shame I was kinda attached to my Vietnam gear.


Jay said...

Nice job. The ammo belt is a neat sculpt!

Al said...

Very cool, what scale and who are these figures by?

Gunfreak said...

28mm, the assault group