Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Long time no see

 So it's me bithday! In half an hour I'm going out with my friends for beer and whisky!
Yesterday I got two sets of stake knives and forks from my girlfriend and a gift card to buy stake with.
So yesterday I ate 700g of stake, half a liter of pepper sauce and 3 big baked potatoes! oh and easter marsipan/chocolate. I also finished my very first ECW figures, They are very nice figures, empress miniatures! But the faces are hard to paint, very flat, alsmost like the renessance paintings.

I did them in the mid blue with white facings that apears to be normal for the period. It was fun to try and get this mid blue, I normaly paint very dark blue or light/bravarien/sky/cornflower.

The figures are much slimmer then most, it seems that some of the newer ranges to for theise more anatomicaly correct. styles, with Minden beeing one, and fife and drums. Normaly we have only had 2 styles the super chunky of Front rank, then the less but still not that realstic of Perry ect. But these new ones look good. except the faces are very flat and hard to paint.

The plates are hard are supose to be blackend, yet they did get scraped up alot. So I did them in gunmetal, then inked it in black, then highlihtes with mixes of metals, some more gunmetal with out the ink, and chainmail metal.


Phil said...

Beautifl figures...and happy birthday!

Sebastien G said...

700g of steak!?!

And you're right, the faces are strange. The weakest part of the minis IMHO

mekelnborg said...

I know it would never pass muster with some of these guys, but the truth is if you step outside and look at somebody,especially wearing headgear, at pistol range their face is usually mostly a dark gray shadow. Further off you can't make it out at all partly because of the shadow.

But if they are cast noticeably flat-looking, maybe they won't be the best for Roundheads, at least not all of them.

Gunfreak said...

Thanks guy, and thanks to Phil!

Stephen said...

Sorry to miss your birthday, my friend. Hope you had a great time :-)