Sunday, August 10, 2014

Greenside SEALs

 WOW, 3 posts in 2 days, I'm back baby!
Last post was fast attack SEALs, in plate carriers and helmets, for urban fast missions, these are more long range Greenside, the figures are Force recon marines from Eureka, but I painted them as SEALs in the same AOR2 uniform as the first figs.
The rigs and backpacks are in Olive Drab.

 I used diffrent colors on the guns, some have lighters shades more green, others are more tan.

 This guy stands out, he has AOR2 trousers but AOR1 jacket. I got the idea from watching Lone survivor were some of the SEALs had a mix of dersert and woodland cammo.
 The pack also comes with another fig, but he is in marine cap, and so does not fit in.


Johns Miniatures said...

Nice camo on the faces. Easy to mess up but you pulled it off :)

The European Historical Combat Guild said...

Nice. I hav seen SEALs wearing Marine caps, so you could gt away with it without doing some modding...