Monday, May 18, 2015

Rumours of my demise have been greatly e.....

What do you mean I'm not important enough for there to be rumours about me!!
It's been  a month and a half since my last post on this blog, I have not died. sinply a mix of not having time to paint, not wanting to paint.

I finnaly started to paint again, and ended up contiuing from my prussian Brandenburg regiment. Last time I did work on these it was January 4th, so many months ago now. Back then it was 1 base of 5, I've now done 3 more bases, including the command base. I still need another formed base of 5, and 2 skirmishes. So 21 down and 7 to go.

I like these, I like the colors I use ect. They look they way I want them to look, sure the jacket should be darker(almost black) but it's still clearly dark blue jackets and grey trousers. I don't know why but Calpe are just easier to paint. Something I noticed when painting some perry russian dragoons.

 It's still the 1st Brandenburg regiment.
 Flag is GMB

 And here are the russians, yeah they look ok, But they simply do not look as good as my prussians.  Granted cav is always harder to paint then infantry. But just not the same..

These are from the same army, the Army of Sileisa. This is the start of Slomensk dragoons, from IV cavalry corps,

Again ok, but kinda meh compeard to the prussians.


AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Welcome back. I like the curiassers the best. Nice crisp brush work on all.

Phil said...

What a fantastic return...after these these Prussians, excellent job!

Chasseur said...

Wonderful and welcome back!

Gunfreak said...

Thanks guys. AJ, those are russian dragoons not cuirassiers ;)