Thursday, July 9, 2015

You lucky bastards!

 Two blog posts in one week!
Here is a WIP of the 2/4th Marine Artillery Regiment. Half done!

I like these, for their relativly simple uniform, they take quite a while to paint,
 I tried something new on the faces, I usual use Foundry Excepert flesh A,B,C,E,F but not D as I think D and C are so similar.

But I wanted to have more shading, so before I start on the expert flesh I use red brown. I think that give big contrasts.  Helps bring out the face. Make it more 3d. Thanks to Janner for giving me that idea with how he painted the face on the on russians!.

It's a lot of blue, but damn I love this blue, like with the prussians, the blue is to light for real french color. But its so vibrant and so easy to make look good. Again the colors are Foundry union blue A,B and C with extra highlights of coat D arms fester blue, I love the contrasts of dark vibrant blue and the deep red.

Right now I'm working on a prussian howitzer with crew, I tried to use granite gray (simply because I'm bored with Rebel gray) granit gray does not look that good, The shade A is quite a diffrent color from B C, making it look od. Also the end resault is much to like and greenish for it to be prussian gray.

You can see I have used granit gray on the shako covers on some of these marine artillerist. It works on "small " things, were you need massive contrasts, it does not work on bigger stuff(like jackets and trousers) So this gray will probebly only be used on shako covers, blankets ect. Not greatcoats, jackets or trousers.


Johns Miniatures said...

They look great. Great tone on the blue

Chasseur said...

Beautiful work!