Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Lots to show off

Well it's nice when  a project  starts to get unde rway proper, I finished  Miltitz it was a pain  to do,  I  was one of the special  units where I got half as a wedding  present. but it all fucked up. First I couldn't find my horse tone grey  which is my go to shade when doing white, so I had to  find another way to get close to the white I  did on  the first 4 figures I  painted months ago. But it got worse I suddenly realised I used the wrong green! the green ended up  being  to light. So very uninspired and  took a long time to finish, in the end it look okish.

I then started work in my  Hanoverian heavy battery.  The  Allies need  6  heavy batteries.
The problem here was the blue on the gunners, apparently, they have light blue,  but not sky blue.
Medium  and light  blue  are hard colors. I have plenty of  various  dark blues.  and I got 2 triads for sky/bavarian blue.  But finding  a mid or light  blue is hard. In the end, I'm semi-happy with  the result. The mid  colour and highlight were too close. and doesn't show up  very well

And while I'm quite happy with  the brick  red carriage, the tube isn't very well painted.

And now comes the good stuff. I have no finished the first division   in   my Minden project,  only 15  more divisions left. Oh, and of course it's the smallest in the entire OOB by  a good margin.
A single Hanoverian  infantry  brigade and a single British light battery.

Anhalt +1  Painted in  his  regimental  uniform.

I must say, 7YW British artillerists must have some of the most awesome  uniforms ever!
Dark blue,  red facings and lots of yellow lace.  The blue is British  Royal blue   triad from  foundry, with  a second  highlight of Foundry Union blue  C.   

So That's what I  got to show you today. But one last  thing.  I'm  trying  to sell some Perry Napoleonic Russians I've painted.  I've tried to sell them several  times  now, Both as single units and as a package deal.  So  take  a look  at my ebay 

The price is £100 pr unit, the total is £330  I did this because shipping would be well over £30  PER hussar unit   and £27 for the infantry. So by selling  all three togeather for £330 the shipping will be £10 pr unit.  This will  not  cover the shipping, but will help  a  little.


Phil said...

A wonderful job for a wonderful period to play...Most impressive artillery units!

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Bra gjort og malt!

Med venleg helsing,

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke

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nice figures

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